Letter from the Editor

MAY 1997

While watching Twilight of the Golds on Showtime last month, I was finally glad that the religious right is also primarily pro-life. Twilight is a movie whereby an expectant couple determines through genetic research that their son will be gay. The situation presents the couple with a choice, should they keep the baby. The expectant mother's brother is gay, which only adds to the problem when he finds out they are considering aborting the baby.

But the movie does raise some interesting issues. How will things change when a trait such as sexual orientation can be determined before birth?

This month, I decided to go to the source and ask Simon LeVay, known for finding differences between the brains of gay and straight corpses. He is also the author of a syndicated column and a forthcoming novel which delves into the same space as Twilight of the Golds. So, check out the cover story to see what Simon has to say.

In the June Oasis, I hope to feature a special section called "Portable Pride." The idea behind it is that June is typically the month whereby most cities have their gay pride celebrations. But to most teens, going to such an event isn't an option.

So, what I'm asking people to do is to write a brief synopsis of a CD, video or book that has helped you feel better about yourself, regarding your sexuality. That way, people who read Oasis who are unable to get to pride events, can find something to do on their own to further accept and feel good about their sexuality.

Send your submission by May 20 to jeff@oasismag.com. You do not have to put your name on the article, if you don't want.

But I think spending a few minutes of your time sharing what has helped you in your life can really make a difference to kids who may not know what a good gay novel is, or what band has a gay singer that might sing to their soul.

You may never know the effect of your writing a quick review for Portable Pride, but it just furthers the options available for someone who may still feel alone and is looking to reach out.

Because for many queer youth, it still is a desert out there.


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