"2 DYKES" 2 B Banned

(GLAAD) A flurry of media has focused on two Virginia lesbians who have had the state bureaucracy descend upon them to snatch away their personalized license plate, which proudly reads, "2 DYKES."

Alice Deighan and her partner Scout, who was one of the co-chairs of the 1993 March on Washington, have for the past two years used the specialized plate, but recently the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles canceled the plate after a motorist complained.

The reason, according to a letter the couple received, stated that "this license plate was issued to you in error because it can be interpreted in a way which would make it obscene, profane or vulgar." The two women feel it is a direct affront on their sexual orientation, noting that, "What [the DMV] is objecting to is us proclaiming that we are lesbians."

In addition to considering a court challenge, Deighan and Scout have also applied for an alternative plate which would read: "LESBIAN."

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