By Gordon Lera

This has been inspired by my friends. It deals with controversial issues such as religion, sexuality, and society.

Some of my friends are in the position where they fear that they will not be seen for *who* they are and will only been seen as *what* they are. It is 1997 and some people in society cannot look into a person's heart and see that person for who they are. The issue of homosexuality has been coming up a lot lately. One of the things I don't understand, is why do people fear this issue so much...and why do they run to the Bible as their only defense.

It is stated in the Bible that if you are gay, you must be slaughtered...but why would God discriminate against you just because of who you love? Some people come up with the argument that it's not a sin to be gay...but it's a sin for what they do? What they do, I ask? What they are doing is making love to their lover. Giving their bodies to one another to express (physically) what their lover means to them emotionally. Is this so wrong? Is this a sin?

Something else I don't get, is that people say that homosexuality is wrong because it's "written in the Bible". But it is also written in the Bible that women must obey their husbands...but for some reason, society over looks that statement now. Do they over look this because society now says that women are equal to men? How about masturbation? That's a sin, and every guy does masturbate...but how many people discriminate against guys because of this? Or how about lying? To tell a lie is a sin...but no one is looked down upon because he/she told a lie...why is that? Is it because we've all lied before...because it applies to ourselves? Is the only time when we don't discriminate against another person is when we fall in the same category?

I hear people using the argument that "men are for women only". But isn't that the same thing as saying, "White men are for White women only"? Society took years before it said it was *ok* to love someone of a different race...how long is it going to take before society says that it's *ok* to love who ever you want?

I know of people that say things like, "Eeewww...gross, those two guys are kissing." That's the exactly same thing as saying, "Eeewww...gross, that Black man is kissing a White woman." I'd like to know what's so gross about expressing love to another person. I mean, that *is* what kissing is about. It makes no difference if it's two men, two women, a man and a women or two people of a different race or religion...when it comes down to it, what they are doing is expressing love...so what's wrong with that?

Some people actually get mad when they are "associated" with someone that is gay. They say things like, "Don't ever associate me with him, because he puts his penis in a different area than I do!". Would that person be offended if he/she was being associated with someone that is of a different religion? I mean, after all, the person would be associated with someone that believes in a different god than he/she does.

I'm a bit confused on why would someone be offended to be associated with someone that is gay? Is it because they are insecure about their own sexuality? Do these people only have friends of the same race and religion because they're offended to be associated with someone different than they are? I have friends and family that are of a different religion and race than I am. Should I avoid all public contact with them because someone is going to think I'm a different religion and race than I really am?

Wait a second, I get it now...the only reason people don't want to be associated with someone that is gay, is because society says it's *bad* to be gay. I guess it's like in the 1950's where society said that it was *bad* to be a different race other then White.

I guess in about...hmm, 20 years, society will finally say that it's *ok* to be yourself and not be judged because of it. But why wait so long? Why not start changing our ignorant views *today* and not 20 years down the road.

I just want to know, when will we, as a society, stop judging people by their sexuality, race, religion, or gender? It is 1997; are we still so ignorant that we cannot look into each other's hearts, and see each other for what's inside?

Gordon lives in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. He can be reached at datalors@geocities.com or http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/5012

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