The Pro-Sex Poem (working title)

By Bill Roundy

I'm not not fucking because of AIDS
and I don't think virginity regenerates
- not even after four years without my mouth on a dick

You can't recapture mythic innocence
and we were never pure:

Not when we were pimply-faced and only fucked ourselves at night,
dreaming of the boys in biology and gym class fourth period,

not in the ninetenn-fifties with their poodle skirts and ugly hair and back
seats of big-finned cars

and even the Victorians were obsessed by sex, which is what they
never admitted

so don't pretend your prudishness is health benefit
and don't muddy my desires, because If -
when we make love,
I'm fucking everyone you've ever fucked
then every lunge and kiss becomes

Sex can be fatal,
but don't make it a moral failure
on my part if I only want to love you.

I am here and you are here and it it not ideal
either take the risk or take the test,
but if you're holding on to never getting laid...
I'm just not impressed.

I live for love,
and life is dangerous and incurable.
Everything I'm doing now will kill me.

I fall in love as often as I can.

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