June 1997

Hmm....What to write, what to write? First column stuff (that makes sense doesn't it) Well...My name is Jason and I live in a dinky town in Arizona. By the time this is up I will be 16 (My B-day is on June 1st).

Let me see here...Let's all get one thing straight (not you or me), My picture may make me look normal...but I am a very strange person. I color my hair with food coloring, just to do it. I wear a watch on my ankle when I have shorts on, and I wear it on my shoe when I have pants on. But one thing is for sure...it doesn't bother me one bit and I like being different.

As for the gay part...unless someone I know reads this and recognizes my weird things and my pic, only one of my friends off of IRC knows. I have no idea what possessed me to do it either. We were just joking around and she said "you checking out that guy, huh?" I was like "what if i was", she said "it'd be OK and she'd still be my friend" Ironically I gave her a note telling her on April Fools Day of '96'.

About the parents...I left a "I AM GAY" note in her car (I got that idea from Robert Hines, another Oasis writer (Thanks for the idea))... Unfortunately she doesn't believe it. But at least I planted that seed in her head, when i am old enough to leave home I will tell both my parents and not leave the subject alone because I won't have to be there with them. (Did that make any sense)?

Well guys when I finish my home page I'll give you the URL, but please e-mail me so I have some ideas for my next column

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