June 1997

As I prepare my first column for Oasis and try to figure out what the hell I'm going to write about, I draw nothing more than a blank. I've read other columns, seen their bios, but I can't make up my mind. Have you ever asked someone if they're indecisive, only to have them answer 'No... I guess not... but sometimes... yes, but... well, I don't know...' That would be me.

This weekend has been very tiring for me. Tomorrow is my sister's 21st birthday, but we celebrated it today since all day tomorrow I have to work on this *DUMB* English project (I have an incompetent fool for a teacher). And then I went to a few friends' 16th birthday, leaving after giving presents, talking for a while, and eating. They had candles on the tables, so some of us took the skewers the food was on and burned them, later turning to plastic forks and cups.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere, really, I'm just letting you infer what kind of person I am from my actions. Too lazy for that? Okay, fine, wimp out. I'm basically a nice guy, care-free, with a sense of humor. Comprende?

Alright. In addition, you're probably wondering whether I'm gay, bi, unsure, out or closeted? Well, I'm gay, and out to my parents, sister, and close friends. Rest of world doesn't know, but I don't pretend to be something I'm not. If they can figure it out for themselves, then that's great.

Anyway, after the party, two friends of mine (girls) and I decided to journey down from Cougar Mountain to THE center of all Seattle suburbia, the great yuppie mecca of Bellevue Square. Why? To stalk guys, of course!

Have you ever done this? It's most entertaining. To do so, you need only the following ingredients (apologies to lesbian readers who have no interest in guys, but I suppose you could follow the same steps to follow girls, eh?):

1) A car with reasonable performance;

2) Sharp vision to detect stalk-worthy 'victims' as you patrol the mall parking garage;

3) Friends with an interest in the same sex as you (they need not BE your sex, of course, just so long as they're interested in the same sex you are);

4) Common sense so you know when to call it quits (i.e., before you piss someone off and get shot! This would probably not be a problem in my locale, but may be in yours).

The procedure is quite simple, really: just go to the local mall or other such hangout, and park or scout the lot for innocent people to pursue!

We were following these two fine guys in a white Taurus but, unfortunately, lost them. On the positive side, before we lost them we discovered an area that is a virtual breeding ground for cute guys our age. We will most definitely make a return-trip there.

I guess I've probably taken up my share of server space here, and may as well shut myself up while I'm at a stopping point.

Oh, wait -- almost forgot. I also tried doing my hair today, different. I'm trying to mimic what a friend of mine did to my hair a couple of weeks ago, but I just can't do it as well as she can. This was acceptable, however... It's in that nasty quickcam pic I took just a few minutes ago up there?

Now I'm done. See you next month! Write me if you want, I'm always open to new friends or here to listen to your probs.

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