Miguel Solana

June 1997

As my last article was so bad, at least I though so, this time I'm really wanting to do something decent, so here I am again.

This time I will try to improve this whole thing...

The word GAY involves many things, everybody has their own conception of it, but this time I will try to make clear mine...

Well, it first means commitment, but... commitment to what? Well, here I

go, for showing the rest of the people in the world that gay people are capable to be as intelligent and creative as everybody, that we can have neater and true love. Gay are those three letters than can mean a life for me, a form to live, a way to be and act, to feel and see the world from a different perspective.

If people yell at us, they may be fearful to grow gay, I think it has been one of the biggest deals I have passed in my life. Today I was wondering why when a gay teen guy tells an adult that he/she is gay they always say "it's a phase" and that almost every gay has that phase and it never passes, so we may start breaking that myth that was created a while ago, that's another part of the commitment: trying to show the real significance for GAY. That fight for being respected as full individuals.

So now, I end with a wish of pride and proudness of what I am... and remember that you are free to decide.

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