Joshua Weiss

June 1997

A Knight to Remember and a Night to Forget

Well, it's May. The 15th, even! I'm very proud of myself for actually sitting down and writing this on the actual deadline day, instead of the day after like my two previous ones. As to why I don't write this ahead of time, or even in stages (I did that a little bit), I don't really know. Maybe it's because I do my best work at the last minute. Probably not. Anyway, it's May, and I only have 8 more days of school. (I think. I've lost track of time and reality) Quite a lot of things happened, Model U.N., Prom, etc., and you probably could all care less about such details, but I'm going to tell you all about them anyway. (I have the suspicion that only one person in the world will read this column anyway. Thanks, bud.

First off, just recently I finished my latest poem: Dark (which will probably appear in July's issue), and on the very day I completed it, our English teacher decides to make us all write a poem to go into the sophomore compilation they do every year. I was pissed. First off, Dark totally drained me, it was the first thing I had written in many months, and I got very emotional while writing it. The poem itself isn't necessarily that powerful, just the fact that I was writing something again. Secondly, I was really proud of Dark, but I couldn't submit it, due to the (ahem) interesting content. (I've only written a couple poems like that...) So I decided to take my poetry in a new direction (read: structure), and Vampiric Anathema is what came of it. It's a sestina, something I've just now been introduced to. Six stanzas of six ten-syllable lines each, and the last words of the lines repeat in a funky order. (123456 615243) Plus that three line envoy using the six words again, three in the middle, three at the end. Go read it! I'm pleased! The whole concept behind Anathema is that I wanted to say something, but I dared not be blunt. So I gave it two titles, and wrote a piece of vampire fiction which can (in my warped mind) be also interpreted as the struggle of two homosexual lovers. Hence the title "Bent." Read the first title, then read the poem with that title in mind. Then go back and read the second title, and read the poem with the second title in mind. I hope that works.

Oh yeah. We're also reading Lord of the Flies in English. I'm glad they make us all read that... It might just be the only chance some of these kids will have to be exposed to good literature. Unfortunately, most of my classmates are the type who think the book is totally worthless, except of course for the six hunts. That makes me mad, but ah well.

Iowa Model U.N. came and went, and I learned a lot... It was a fun time, and I look forward to going back next year. Basically (You asked for it, man, here it is) what it is is three days of arguing. You're on a committee representing a particular country, and you work to resolve part of the U.N. statement by writing amendments and arguing over them (At least that's what I got.). Well, Friday night was my favorite part of the deal: the dance. Let me rephrase: The dance sucked. What was cool was what my friends and I did instead of the dance. Basically we went onto the roof of the UNI Maucker Union where the dance was held and did beat poetry and sang, and acted, and had a fun time. We actually attracted quite a crowd, the crowd of people who were just like us (sick and tired of the crap music [read: Cotton-Eye Joe] and wanting to do something nice and quiet), up on the roof that night. And under the stars, in the semi-warm night, I met (have I set the mood?) Joe. Joe's a pretty cool guy. He looks like a young Robert Smith. He and I have been e-mailing each other back and forth. That's all I know. And right now, that's all I want to know.

He was the Knight to Remember. The Night to Forget is coming up next.

Prom. Now, granted, as a sophomore, I am technically not allowed to attend prom. Thank God for loopholes. I'm really chummy with the speech/drama teacher at the high school, and it just so happens that every year she has about three sophomores videotape prom, after-prom, the chaos of decoration, etc. Well, I was one of those sophomores. It was kind of neat, I got to wear a T-Shirt and jeans and laugh at all of the people in their hot sweaty tuxes. (Now that I think about it, I wore the same shirt to prom that I wore to the Model U.N. dance. Spooky.) I taped all-day from 8:30 Saturday morn to 4 Sunday morn. I was very tired. Basically, prom was fairly cool, for about 3 minutes. After that, it lost its novelty. Right about the time the DJ played "Tears in Heaven." Everybody grabbed their date and headed out to the floor, because this was the first slow song he had played all night. My camera's battery was recharging, so I had nothing to do but sit there. And I got to thinking about how much I'm just sick of people in general, specifically the people around me. I just feel like I need to get away from them for a while, then come back and everything will be better. They're my dearest friends and I love them all, but I'm just tired of them. I know that sounds awful, and I don't really mean it like that, but I just need to take a hiatus from my life for a while and be someone else. Hopefully, summer will provide that hiatus. Needless to say, the rest of my night sucked. Especially when the girl who thinks I'm in love with her (even *after* I told her!) physically drug me out onto the floor and made me dance. Ick. Hopefully my senior prom will be better. I plan out going out with a bang, if you get my drift. Now I just need a date...

That was the Night to Forget. I'm very proud of my subject. The Prom's theme this year was: A Knight to Remember. (With a whole Camelot motif) I like irony, yes I do.

Speaking of Summer, it should be fun. Going to see "Rent" in Minneapolis when it comes. Yes, I will be going with a few of my friends, but I don't think it'll be a problem. In addition, what is going to make me really feel better, is that my mom and I are planning on driving out to Vermont for a vacation. We used to live there, I moved here in the summer of '93, so I'll be able to see all my old friends in Colchester, and revisit all my old haunts in Burlington (Church Street, here I come again!) I'm very excited, even if we are driving and it will take two days to get there. (Two days in the car with my mother. Not as fun as it looks on the screen, folks. I don't know. Maybe I can convince my mom to stop and spend the night in Ohio. That would be fun. *wink*

Well, that's about all I have to say for now. I thought this would be longer, but hey, that's okay. I spend most of my time mailing nowadays anyway, what's one more mail? Later, I guess. Feel free to write me hate mail, or any other kind of mail you choose.

I remain, josh

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