New queer activism and news website seeks volunteers

From the creator of last years Pride & Prejudice Website -- listed in the Nov. '96 issue of OUT Magazine -- comes The Grapevine Tribune, a new, Online Daily News & Activism Website functioning as ONE site with ALL the GLBT news you need. Our site is updated as the news comes in and we made it the old fashioned way with ONLY 1 graphic on the entire site-for speedy reading.

In addition, we have 100's of GLBT resource links including the complete list of click-able email addresses to the entire Senate and House*, making it easy for your voice to be heard. By using our site you will find it easy to become Internet Active towards issues that affect the lives of the GLBT community without having to leave your PC. Or if activism is not your game simply surf our daily news briefs and GLBT resources.

A Little FYI: In order to keep track of the issues on the global, federal, state and local levels we rely on cyberactivists to maintain the Grapevine Internet News Network <GINN>and act as our eyes and ears in each of their local communities. Our alliance of GINN volunteers brief and post GLBT news and Action Alerts from many corners of the globe.

The primary type of news reported by our volunteers is that which addresses issues that either affirm or oppress GLBT civil/human rights either locally, nationally or internationally. The news is brief and to the point- cutting your time on the Internet. We strive to include click-able email and Website addresses to allow for quick reaction to the issues.

You can get active towards challenges such as; threats to equal protection under the law, loss of GLBT "parental rights", fights for same-sex marriage rights and ending job discrimination or helping securing equal access to medical benefits-simply by point and click.

G.I.N.N. hopes that with the added knowledge and accessible resources, you will have a greater desire to become cyberactive. The site is designed to make it easy, quick and efficient to participate- something we all need to do to ensure the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the GLBT community.

If you are interested in becoming part of our volunteer network, please contact Jennifer Mahoney at ginn@drizzle.com.

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