Elven Beauty

By Jenny Gable

Black skirt, purple laced bodice,
Shadow and light.
Your hair darkest black,
Your skin whitest white,
Slim deep dark elven beauty.

"How should I do my hair?"
I stare, unable to speak.
(Anything would look good on you.)
You try a twist.

"How does this look?"
I find my tongue.
"Looks fine..."

Astounding. You look astounding.
A light touch of makeup,
Natural, not too much;
Accents your natural colors.

I can't believe you.
How could such beauty be real?
I'm not sure you've noticed me
Staring, not yet...

You put on your dance shoes.
They accent your build perfectly.
A gentle hug of thanks for the changing room,
(My arm at your slim wonderful waist)

And you're off to the dance.
I watch as you leave.
Will I get the honor of being your escort,
Instead of just a friend?

I wonder silently,
Hours later,
Still amazed at your beauty,
Your confidence, and your fun.

May 3, 1997

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