The Child

By Patrick D.

The winter came one lonely day
And the child sat alone.
He had no friends to come and play,
He was old enough to know.
That he was different from the rest
Was the simple matter at hand.
The feelings that the child felt
No one could understand.

For the child had thoughts and hopes and dreams
And vast wishes galore.
And he had his eye on someone special,
The blonde that lived next door.
Smart and beautiful and caring, too,
It certainly was no surprise.
That he was attracted to his neighbor so
With those crystal clear blue eyes.

But the winter would come and the winter would go
And he'd sit there as before.
He'd never stray across the yard
And go knocking on that door.
Yes, the child could let no one know
Of his adolescent crush
For it was a boy that he did long
To be with oh, so much.

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