Vampiric Anathema



(A Sestina of Oppression)

by joshua weiss 4-27-97

Through my parents' foundation of true love
did I come gladly into this warm earth.
The world was young, and vampires-just a dream.
All that I possessed was my flesh and blood,
and I reveled in my own world of joy.
I always slept dreamily through the night.

When I grew up, I walked during the night,
desperate for any feeling of love.
I met my sire at night, who showed me joy
and banished me to sleep beneath the earth,
only to rise for the pleasures of blood.
Suddenly, vampires were no longer dreams.

On the prowl, for humans I'm just a dream.
I love my prey, and come to them at night.
I give them my kiss, the gift of my blood,
resembling something very close to love.
For many centuries I've walked the earth,
the pleasures of the hunt provide my joy.

When I first met you, I discovered joy.
Every moment with you is like a dream;
I await each time you rise from the earth.
My love for you grows deeper in the night,
but there are those who condemn our true love.
The church has forsaken us and our blood.

I love you. You mean more to me than blood.
My time with you is always filled with joy.
But you have deserted me and my love,
and you demand to inhabit your dream.
We could have been fine lovers of the night...
I offered you all of this world, this Earth.

So you will not rise, then, from the cold earth?
You will not join me in the feast of blood?
The moon has leeched the darkness from the night,
and I shall not, lover, tonight know joy.
It is best that you remain in your dream...
the children of Caine were not meant to love...

Because I love you, I hide from the earth.
Because of my dreams, they draw forth my blood.
I only know joy with you, in the night.

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