Brian II

July 1997

"All I can say is that my life is pretty plain, you don't like my point of view you think that I'm insane"

Well, I have decided to write for Oasis. And just like some of the other people here, I am going start off with lyrics from a song. OK, anyway, since this is my first time doing this please hang with me here. The rest of these shouldn't be as bad. OK, to start things off, my name is Brian. I live in Arkansas (no, I am not a hick), I like alternative music, I'm not out (except for a few people), I am fifteen and I am a Bulls fan. OK, let's see here what to talk about.

School Is Out

Well, this year has had its ups and downs but in all I think this was a great year. I passed all my classes (thank God). The last few days of school were great. I was happy that summer was going to be here but I also knew that I wasn't going to see a lot of my friends. Well, anyway, I am still glad to be out of school. This year was kind of extreme at times but it was never more than I could handle. I started to manage the ball teams (hey, when you don't have a car and there is nothing to do, you find something) this year and it was fun. I got to go on all the trips and I had a blast. Most of my classes this year were STUPID. My favorite class was science. I HATED algebra. Well, I am just happy all that is over. It's now time for me to regain my mind (what hasn't been destroyed by school).

Time to go to Chicago

Yes, the time has come for me to get out of Arkansas (or Hell as I call it). I plan on having a great time up there. I just might even be able to go to the Bulls rally when they win. I am gonna be staying with my uncle, aunt and my cousins. This year, I am planning on going to Taste of Chicago, river rafting, MJ's restaurant, little of this, some of that. I saw in the Arkansas Democrat (state paper) that it had a story about Chicago in it. It said "No sober soul regrets missing the winter in Chicago. On the other hand it may be America's most extraordinary summer city." I think that guy knew what he was talking about!

Arkansas (hell)

Now it is time to talk about the stuff I don't like. OK, you may be asking what is wrong with Arkansas. Well, to be blunt, many of the people where I live are STUPID. I used to live outside of Chicago. There were things to do, places to go, and people to see. Here, on the other hand, a person has to drive twenty miles to go to the nearest town. If a person wants to go to a mall, it is around another 100 miles and even then it is a little mall (I use to live near the world's largest mall). The only radio stations I can get on the radio are country stations. The nearest person around where I live is over a mile away. Well, there is more, but I figure you don't want to hear it. I guess if I lived in a city (Conway, Jonesboro, or around Little Rock) things would not be as bad. So, if you come to Arkansas, move to a city or near one if you can!!!.

Almost the End

Well that is my column and, if I didn't scare you off, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading it. Don't let this fool you into thinking that there are no good columns on this page. Go read Rob's, Brent's, Jimmy's or Ty's. Well until next month... Later, everyone!

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