July 1997

Further Random Dribbles?

Have you ever read an XY magazine? Before I'd often bypassed it on the magazine racks, thinking it looked like something with too little content, just pictures. Or something sort of YM-ish or 17-ish, neither of which I can understand the fascination some girls have with. But I bought one the other day, and I'm now prepared not only to subscribe, but to order all of the back issues, as well. There are some typographical errors sprinkled here and there -- something unexpected of a professional publication -- but the articles are great, and the pictures are, umm, a nice added bonus.

Tomorrow is my last day of school this year (the 20th). My last day of high-school, that is, this is fantastic. I'm only a sophomore now, but for the next two years I'm taking all of my classes at a community college. No longer will I wander the halls of a suburban high school enamored with the latest trends and fads, full of religious extremists who carelessly persecute those around them without knowing who they are. I'm free from HS (High School or Hell School, take your pick), and I'm not looking back.

I need to get a job. If I don't, what will happen to me is the same thing that happens every summer: I'll stay up late, sleep in 'till 11 a.m. or much later, lounge around the house all day, and sleep again at night. I need money to do stuff, and now that it's summer and I can drive myself, I want to do stuff. I'd really like a job at a gay bookstore -- I've always wanted to work in a bookstore anyway, and why not a gay one? -- but I've a feeling that I've prolonged my job "search" far too long, and there probably aren't really any positions left for anything anywhere. Nonetheless, I do intend to do some light, at least half-hearted searching this weekend, after finding out the names of some of these bookstores.

I've never been to a gay pride event before, and I'm really looking forward to attending one in Seattle this year. But all I remember is that I think it's on the 29th. I don't know what I'm supposed to do for it, where it is, or anything else like that. I'll probably wake up the morning of it, flip on the TV, and see footage of this big march downtown that I'm too late to make. And yet I don't know where to turn for any info on it.

I'm also looking forward to attending some sort of gay youth support group soon. I don't really need the support, per se, but I would like to go more as a way to meet more people in my area. An excellent resource for LBG resources all across the United States is at http://www.queeramerica.com, where a search turned up plenty of support services in my area. Try it, and use the information it spits back at you.

Yeah, well, guess I'm done. Sorry for the lameness again? I hoped for better for my second column, but, well, got behind again. Feel free to write me, as always.



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