Miguel Solana

July 1997

Have you seen a child and ever thought about if he/she is gay. I think that is a big question for a person whose future is all to come, but what if there is no future for her/him just because problems that sexuality will bring?

Well, if you are reading this, you may have passes through this, but we are not a big percentage of a whole gay community, we may just be a bit more than 20 percent. Out there, there are millions of gay people waiting to be heard, millions of kids that don't know something is growing on them, something that is difficult to realize, but once it is, a world of love is waiting; but is it easy to realize something that has been conceived as bad and as sinful... I don't think so.

The big deal with this issue now it's that all the gay children growing all around the world have an uncertain future, it is sad to say that but it's the truth. We have had hard times, we have fought against a gay image -- I'm not meaning it is bad. So, we all can make something, make the things easier for upcoming generations, for them to have a bright future as the one we want or at least would like for us. Let's give them the chance to show the world they are trustful persons growing right now.

On other paths, I was thinking about the gay lifestyle, something that I'm really starting to care about, it seems that even between gays, it is so stereotyped, what I don't really understand, in my opinion everybody makes their own lifestyle. This really came to my head when my mom told me that she was worrying about the gay lifestyle, and I answered her something like I will live my life as I always dreamt, but now you know it will be with a man, and I will have everything in common with the rest of the people, like a house, sex life, problems, work, and all that stuff that straight people have.

But now why is that gay lifestyle so feared?, what does it have wrong? why is the gay image so damaged?, or because of what? For me gay lifestyle is one full of love and passion. Lets try to make that clear...

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