July 1997

Oh no, it me again !!! (Theme from Psycho in the background. Well, I have yet another month's worth of stuff to discuss, so shall I get started???


It's hard for me to believe that this school's out for the summer already! It's just seemed like it was the beginning of the school year not too long ago! In all honesty, I'm going to miss not being there -- it's such a big part of my life that when I'm out for the summer, it's almost like shellshock!

As I mentioned in my first column, I have a mentor at school named Scott (not his real name) who's going to be a Sophomore next year. We've become really close over this past school year and I wanted to get him a special present -- it's a tradition to give your mentor a present after the first school year you're together -- but I couldn't figure out what to get him. I was really stumped!!! My Mom suggested that I give him a gold necklace, so we went to just about every place in the county that sells jewelry, and we finally found one that was pretty nice but not too expensive (I'm not a millionaire). I gave it to him as he was leaving his dorm with his parents and younger brother (he's going to be a student at my school next fall). . . really nice family. At first Scott didn't want to accept it, but I finally coaxed him to and he gave me this huge hug. . . I really didn't want to let go! I tend to get clingy when it comes to hugs. We're going to keep in touch by e-mail over the summer, so I won't miss him as much, but I wish he lived nearby.

I'm going to be a mentor next fall for a fifth-grader, and I've already gotten a letter and photo from him. His name is Chris (yeah, not his real name) and he's excited about going to boarding school but at the same time he's nervous too. Hopefully by the time we finally meet, I'll be able to ease him into the boarding school routine. I hope I am as good with Chris as Scott was with me!!!


In my first column I told everyone about my boyfriend Eric (you know ALL about names by now!!!) and how we're, well, seriously sexually active! Since I wrote that column, things have become strained between us, we're still together but I'm getting fed up with some of the stuff he's been doing lately.

My parents took me and my brother out for pizza at a well know pizza place, and they invited Eric along with one of my brother's friends. I was sitting next to Eric, and the whole time we were at the table he was. . . this is really embarrassing. . . he was masturbating! Our legs were covered by the table cloth so he was able to do it without anyone seeing, but the whole time we were there I could feel his leg shaking. . . I may not have perfect manners, but there's no excuse for what he was doing! I won't go into anymore detail about how he did it, but the worst part was that my brother knew what he was doing -- I have no idea how!!! Just think if my parents had found out. . . yikes!

The next time I saw him I really gave it to him about what he did, and Eric acted like it was no big deal. . . I don't know about you, but doing that at a table in a restaurant is a BIG DEAL!!! Whenever I'm mad at him I won't have sex with him, which drives him nuts, but it seems to get the message over loud and clear. He apologized to me, but I still am a little bit mad at him because he did something that ignorant around my parents!

The second thing that he pulled was worse. My Mom treated Eric and I to a movie, and the only thing we could see that WASN'T rated R was one called Warriors Of Virtue. My Mom even gave us a lot of money to get some snacks! Everything was going cool until right before the movie started (and the lights were dim) Eric asked me to give him a blowjob!!! Right there in the theatre!!! I just said no and I thought that would be the end of it. Wrong! He kept at it, every couple of seconds he'd say "Blow me. . . come on!" and finally I smacked him and he threw his drink on me. . . the usher heard us and we ended up being "asked" to leave. I've never been kicked out of a place before for misbehavior!!! I was so embarrassed! I was also annoyed because the main actor in the movie was this really good looking guy about my age!

We ended up having to wait outside the theatre until my Mom picked us up, and we didn't say anything to each other the whole time, which was almost 2 hours. Eric didn't even bother to say he was sorry or anything, but when my Mom saw me he came right out and said that he accidentally spilled the drink on me. I didn't expect him to do that at all, I thought he'd let me come up with a story on my own. By the time we got back to my place I wasn't as mad at him, and while I was changing my clothes he came up and hugged me, so that made up for things. He asked me if I'd like to go over to his house, and when we got there he hugged me some more and then rubbed my shoulders and back while we watched TV . He always does that when he's feeling bad about something he's done, and he must have felt really bad about all of this. I just hope he doesn't ask me to do that again!


While I've been very open about myself in this column and also in my debut, one thing I've only touched lightly is the fact that my family are nudists. . . most people aren't exactly open to the idea, so it's something I've learned to keep discreet. But now that I think about it, some things need to be discussed openly or else people get strange ideas about them.

In Europe, nudism is very common, but in the United States it isn't. I have no idea why -- Benjamin Franklin was a nudist!!! My great-grandparents went to nudist resorts when they were on vacation, and they basically started a tradition with our family. Every summer we spend a few weeks at one that isn't too far away from where we live (sorry, I can't say where) and it's something that I look forward to all year long!!! I sleep in the nude, and so does my brother, so I'm comfortable with it

I think alot of people have this idea that nudists are some kind of sex maniacs and the run around doing all kinds of sexual antics. . . trust me, nothing could be farther from the truth. Nudism is a family oriented thing, so it's not like you'd ever see people having sex in the open!!! The first few minutes your at the resort is a little strange, but once you shed your clothes it feels natural, and isn't sexy at all. You really get used to it quickly. There's a couple of rules that are pretty common among nudists:

  1. ALWAYS sit on a towel.
  2. No gawking, staring (leave the mirrored sunglasses at home!), or photos.
  3. Don't touch yourself in front of others.

I think those are all common sense, actually.

The best part about being nude to me, besides no tan lines (!) is skinny dipping. I hate having a wet bathing suit on outside of the water, and it just feels so natural to go swimming bare. I love it!!!!

My parents have invited Eric and his Mom to join us when we go this summer to the nudist resort, all expenses paid, but she's unable to get that much time off from her jobs so just Eric is going to be joining us. I'm a little nervous about that, because considering the things he's done this past month, I'm not sure he can deal with being around all those nude people! And I don't know whether I should tell my parents anything about him or not, but I think they'll talk over a few things with him, as I'm sure they would with anyone who's new to nudism. As far as us having sex, I know where the hiding places are.


I want to thank everyone that's e-mailed me since my column debuted. . . I've received a number of compliments, and I really appreciate that! It helps keep me going!!! But one thing I cannot do is write to anyone using standard mail, and I also cannot tell anyone where I live. . . if you look up my profile on AOL you'll see that I put down "United States" as where I live. My parents made a few rules when they gave me this computer, and one of them was that I never reveal my last name or my address (not even what state I live in). E-mail is no problem and I totally welcome it!!!

Until Next Time,


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