Letter from the Editor

July 1997

A lot of activity in the Oasis camp this month...

Once again, we have a record number of columnists writing, and we're looking to redesign that page to make it more navigable, because it's getting a little bandwidth heavy.

The Oasis Reader Survey planned for this month has broadened in scope and will be available next month.

In the biggest news of the month, the Supreme Court declared the Communications Decency Act which could have potentially found Oasis to be illegal was defeated as unconstitutional. There will be other challenges to protect children, and Oasis will be in the foreground on these issues to ensure gay youth are not lumped in sites that might be indecent, just due to our dealing honesty with teen sexuality.

Next month, Oasis will feature yet another special section looking at Rent, the Broadway musical which has personally affected a number of queer youth. If you would like to contribute your thoughts on Rent, please drop me an e-mail.

Also, I do realize the writer's directory is out of date. I'm working to fix that problem as soon as I can.


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