Gay activist launches controversial web site

The civil rights crusader formerly known as Andrew Exler launched his own web site this month. The 36-year-old paralegal, who changed his full legal name to Crusader in 1995, was ejected from the "Happiest Place on Earth" in 1980 while dancing with another male in Tomorrowland. The two sued and overturned the park's 27-year-old ban on same-sex dancing in 1984.

"Crusader's Homo Page" is not for shy and quiet types and minors should get permission from their parents before surfing. The site features the activist's long-running column: "Crusader's Corner," which is a no-holds barred discussion on civil rigths, gay rights, AIDS, censorship, men cruising for sex, condom crusading, legalization of all drugs, and prison rights. "Irreverent, Funny, Controversial," says the editor of LifeStyle Magazine (Rancho Mirage), where the column appears in print form.

In the latest issue of the column, Crusader lambasts former Congresmember Robert K. Dornan's former aide who recently came out of the closet. "Now certain elements of the 'gay community' are going to embrace this guy, despite the fact that he had a hand in destroying the lives of god-knows how many lesbians and gay men (perhaps even responsible for some suicides)!," he writes. And, Crusader does not mince words in the headline for this piece on the aide: "CONSERVATIVE FAGS: Go Back in & Lock the Door!"

The column isn't all hard-core activism, though, and often has a very funny side; at least for folks who have a strange sense of humour. The current issue talks about the California man who bit off another hospital patient's penis only to end up cutting his own penis off in jail before committing suicide. And, brought back by popular demand, "THINGS TO DO IN PALM SPRINGS WHEN YOU'RE DEAD" a take-off on David Lettermen's "Top 10 List," often containing jabs at Congressmember Sonny Bono. "Why do you think I call this town Bonoland," Crusader quips. "Where else can a homophobic entertainer get elected to congress and still receive support from conservative gays?"

Aside from the column, the site features "Crusader's Crazy & Controversial Links," "Dirty Downloads," a history of his activism and numerous civil rights lawsuits, as well as a special page entitled "Free Earl Rhoney." Rhoney is a 21-year-old incarcerated Orange County man who is waiting for a new trial in what some term the "Scent Machine Case." During his first trial, the majority of evidence presented consisted of a homemade "scent" device and a dog. The jury found Rhoney guilty of murder with special circumstances based on this evidence.

With very little promotion, the site has received more than 600 hits in less than two weeks. The site is at http://home.earthlink.net/~mrcrusader/

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