Schizophrenia Thy Name is Coors

By Jerry Sloan

The Free Congress Foundation which receives financial backing from the Coors Family run Castle Rock Foundation has filed a Friend of the Court Brief in the Hawaii same-sex marriage case.

On May 7, 1997, the Free Congress Foundation was joined in a brief filed by the National Legal Foundation along with sixteen of the nation's leading anti-gay organizations, such as the Traditional Values Coalition, Concerned Women for America, Coral Ridge Ministries, the American Family Association and Colorado for Family Values.

A theme which appears throughout the brief states same-sex marriage is "repugnant" to "nature's law and nature's God."

It further declares, "the approval of same sex marriage will have a detrimental effect on our society, the gravity of which cannot be overstated."

Jeffery Coors is the Chairman of the Board of the Free Congress Foundation.

While Jeffery Coors has no official capacity with Adolph Coors Company or Coors Brewing Company he serves as joint president along with his brother Joseph, Jr., of ACX Technologies, a Coors spinoff, which sells over a hundred million dollars a year of starch and paper packaging to the brewing company.

Jeffery Coors is also a member of the Board of the Castle Rock Foundation.

The board of directors of the Adolph Coors Company, Adolph Coors Foundation, the Castle Rock Foundation and ACX Technologies are all chaired by William K. Coors.

Peter Coors is the Vice President of the Adolph Coors Company, the Chief Executive Officer of the Coors Brewing Company, a subsidiary of the Adolph Coors Company, and a director of the Castle Rock Foundation and the Adolph Coors Foundation.

Other Castle Rock Foundation board members are a Rev. Robert Windsor and Holly Coors, who is the mother of Jeffery and the former wife of Joseph Coors who helped found both the Heritage Foundation and Free Congress Foundation.

In 1993 the Castle Rock Foundation was spun off from the Adolph Coors Foundation with some $ 36,000,000 in assets. Part of those assets are 732,413 share of Class B non-voting stock of the Adolph Coors Company which is held jointly with the Adolph Coors Foundation. Today Castle Rock assets are nearing $ 60,000,000.

The board of the Adolph Coors Foundation and the Castle Rock Foundation is a "mirror board" composed of the same people.

For many years the Adolph Coors Foundation, and since its inception, the Castle Rock Foundation, has generously funded the Free Congress Foundation and the Heritage to the tune of hundreds of thousands of grant dollars each year.

Given the fact that some of this grant money comes from the dividends of the Class B stock, and that those dividends are a result of the profits which comes from the sale of Coors Beer and other Coors' products such as Zima, it is therefore a fact that every time a gay/lesbian person purchases any Coors product some portion of that purchase will ultimately be used to fund anti-gay causes and organizations.

While the Family and the various Coors enterprises would like for the translesbigay community to believe they are this outstanding progressive company fighting for gay equality, the truth is they continue to be a major funder and agitator of anti-gay causes.

Indeed, the family and company actions are like those of a person with multiple personality disorder who is unaware of the presence of another personality. The Coors Brewing Company and its representatives refuse to acknowledge any connection between the brewing company and the foundations or the actions of the leaders (executive officers) the Adolph Coors Company in funding anti-gay causes opposed to company policy.

One personality is busy promoting the idea of a gay friendly Coors, while the other personality is funding some of the most virulent anti-gay organizations in the country who file legal writs claiming we are "repugnant."

Conversely, the lesbian and gay community seems to be suffering from the same malady. Many of our institutions, i.e., our Pride celebrations, community centers, print media, and various cultural organizations, blinded by the prospect of grants or ads, appear to swallow without question the Coors Company line.

On the other hand these same G/L organizations fret and fume at the work of anti-gay organizations like the Free Congress Foundation but again appear to deny or overlook Coors is a source of funding.

An ancient and wise rabbi once said no one could serve God and Mammon at the same time and that many people don't let their right hand know what their left hand is doing.

In that same vain one cannot be "gay friendly" and continue to fund anti-gay causes nor can the translesbigay community declare victory when Coors comes to it with a Trojan horse and withered olive branch.

Jerry Sloan has been researching Coors political contributions in California since 1980. He is the president of Project Tocsin, a Sacramento-based grassroots organization which monitors the political activities of the Theocratic Right in California. He also successfully pursued a law suit against Jerry Falwell with the profits of the lawsuit used to found the Lambda Community Center.

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