By Khaleem Mohammed-Ali

Like ice that throbs in frigid water,
Waxing with numbing white cold,
Brooding, brooding,
Swelling, swelling,
Pulsating in its glaciated glory,
Panting with icy blizzard breath,
So I felt when I saw you.

And you, like a verdant, towering pinetree,
Rich, earthy, warm,
Full of life,
Standing at the summit of a promontory heated by the
Fiery sun,
Were enticing, enthralling.

I love you,
But I cannot reach you -
The laws of natural mores forbid it.

Thus my soul will freeze into a lonely void,
And your soul will melt into nothingness


Khaleem, 16, attends the School for Advanced Studies in Miami, Fla.

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