The River That Runs To Its Spring

By Gotzeh

It was as a river that runs to its spring,
As a rain that drops up in the eyes of God,
As Icarus that fell down on the Earth
Because he wanted to touch his own shadow.

Can you enter the cave of the Memory?
You opened with your sights the nine doors of Destiny,
We walked to its corridors as a mad men,
Looking at the mirrors in which the past and the future were present.

I was afraid I could be lost in the thunder's rumble,
But your stillness gave me its hand
And we both enter the desire of History
And we saw there the different centuries make love.
How could we be so beautiful children of this ugly century?-you asked,
But I couldn't answer as my mouth was full of words
And I was afraid they could run away
If I just open my mouth (That's why I didn't kiss you).

Do you remember that night: even glow-worms cried thinking of us.
I was filling up my pockets with Moon powder, thinking of the Road
that waited for me,
While I waited for God's mercy, I waited He tell me
That all this is a bad dream and I could stay with you.

I tried to tell you something but the glow-worms cried too loud,
I tried to remember your shadow, but you were invisible already,
I tried to remember your smell, but only gun-powder was in the air.

Where should I look for you? In underground heaven?
Is your spirit in the volcanoes of crucified mountains?
My life is but an echo of some other life,
That's why instead hearing of that echo, I dream of that other life,
That other life, when we made love

And it was as a river that runs to its spring.

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