Camouflage Bisexuals

By Erwin Jaeger

We blend in the crowd
That is our Blessing That is our curse
We blend in the crowd
That is our master that is our nurse
We blend in the crowd
Never assumed
Never exhumed
We blend in the crowd
Never to show
Never to know
We blend in the crowd
And take on the faces of those around us
...invisible unseen collective
never to touch
in a place built to support us.

Hell Froze Over

By Erwin Jaeger

Hollow feeling at the back of my throat.
An emptiness that feels like I'm choking on something.
But I'm not.
I crouch in my seat
My arms resting on my knees.
My hands covering my face.
My crotch feels like its shriveled up and died inside me.
I cant bear to look at anyone else on this bus.
I don't even want to look at the windows.
I know what I'll see.
I'm emotionally numb, but theirs something else there...
I cant turn back the clock, wouldn't want to if I could.
All I can do is cover my eyes and wait for my stop
I walk off the bus into the cold night;
wanting to scream to rage to cry
But all I can do is walk home.
And as I reach for my keys
all I can think of is the lines from a song someone sang to me
"Braking up is hard to do."

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