By Bill Roundy

I was surprised
by the hair
on your chest.
But it didn't turn
me off.

It was a
with you so
slim and blonde;
this thick brown curling
across your chest and

My fingers catch in the curl, and slide
across to your
smooth sides. I
nuzzle your chest and kiss
your neck, again.

You said that my beard
tickled, when we kissed
on our first date, and I wonder
does it still? it matches
your torso.

Your cheeks
are smooth, clean-shaven and
below me I can feel
your hips
heart and the tip
of your dick against mine.

The Time has done
a nice fade,
it's polite like that.
Numbers sit on the bed-
side clock radio alarm but the beer bottles hide
our view of time

Fingertips are lazy and content, no intrusions
from outside the bed, the NOW
is stretched out all night, and only
the rising
of the sun will stop this.

©1997 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.