Working Title: The Rainbow Cycle (I really should rename it)

By Stephen Blackstone

Scene 1

Lights rise. Stage is set as the bedroom of a 16 year old boy. The room is sparsely decorated with a desk, bed dresser as well as typical possessions that a teenager might have. The bedroom is rather dark with only a lamp lighting the room. A boy (Chris) is lying in bed.

Chris: (Softly speaking to himself) It can't be true. (louder and more upset) I hate it. I don't want to be any freak I hate myself. Oh God, why the hell did you do this to me? The world hates me. Mom and Dad will hate who I am. They will never understand. I could never, never tell them. (He begins to cry) Why can't I just be normal like everyone else? I hate constantly having to constantly live life filtering all my words and emotions..

(Lamp Fades)

Scene 2 (Lights rise, normal daytime like lighting. The scene has now changed to the kitchen where Chris and his mother are eating breakfast together There are two doors on either side of the room both leading to other parts of the house)

Mom: Chris, I wanted to ask you, do you like going to school?

Chris: What do you mean by that?

Mom: Well, when ever you come home from school, you run upstairs and we won't see you for the rest of the day. We hardly see you anymore let alone talk.

Chris: It's nothing Mom. Really, I'm fine.

Mom: But you never go out with friends except you sleep and listen to music by yourself. You're 16 years old and you have only one or two friends let alone a girlfriend.

Chris: I just have a hard time finding people that I want to hang out with. Also, I just haven't found the right girl. (More agitated) Can't your just leave me alone?

Mom: Are you sure there's nothing wrong? I am your mother and you can tell me...

Chris: (More Agitated, shouting) I'm fine. Everything is fine...Just..Just leave me alone for once.

Mom: For Once? I never ask you anything!

(Chris gets up and leaves room, slamming the door shut on the way out. Chris's father enters thru the opposing door. He is in business attire and is about to leave for work. Chris' mother takes on a worried face.)

Richard (Dad) : (with a puzzled look approaches counter. Fixes coffee, and sits down at table) What was all that about?

Judith (Mom) : Oh, well, I tried to talk to our son. (Sarcastically) Remember him?

Richard: Well, did you get anything out of him?

Judith: Its like a dentist pulling teeth out of a little kid. I am clueless on this one. I've never seen him act like this before. (Sounding more hypothetical) Maybe he's just being a teenager.

Richard: Maybe so, but it could be something much worse.

Judith: Well, wh at do you think we can do? We did try bringing him to that psychologist last year but that hardly helped at all, he's just as introverted as ever. His teachers at school says he just sits in class with his head on his desk, and hardly talks to anyone. He never participates in anything at all.

Richard: Well, we could search his room. Maybe we can find some answers there.

Judith: I don't know. (Confused) We've always trusted him before. Has he ever given us a reason to not trust him?

Richard: But there are some times when a parent has to snoop a little to protect the safety of their child.

Judith: Still a child? He's almost 17. He'll be gone in two years.

Richard: You know what teenagers today get into. It could be a lot of things.

Judith: Well, I guess your right.

Richard: We'll go up later when he goes out with Mike. Unless we find drugs or something we'll keep this to ourselves. Ok?

Judith: I hope he's ok.

Richard: Anyway, I've got to get to work. I'll talk to you tonight.

(He gives her a little peck, and walks out. Judith then finishes eating, and walks out. Lights fall)

Scene 3

(Chris and his friend Mike are talking casually in school. The set has changed to elude to their location. Another student approaches Chris. Mike and Chris are in the front of the stage, while some other students are talking near the back of the stage.)

Student: Hey! Hey Faggot!

(Chris has a very concerned look on his face) Chris: What do you want? Just leave me alone.

Student: I won't leave you alone. I saw you looking at me in gym class and I don't like no fuckin' queer looking at me like that.

Chris: (trying to be calm, but is panicky) I did no such ... (Really getting in his face. A few students move from back of stage to front and begin to watch)

Student: Look If I ever see you even glance at me. I will fucking pound your face into the wall. (He takes Chris. Spits in his face and Shoves him down to the floor. His books go all over. He stays on the ground. He kicks Chris, once) Look at the fucking Queer (The others watching begin to laugh. The student walks off stage. Chris quietly gets up. He straightens himself and collects his belongings Mike and Chris are the only ones left on stage. Mike has a funny look on his face)

Mike: Whoa. What the hell was that about?

Chris: Just forget it. It was nothing.

Mike: Just nothing? He was ready to pound the living crap out of you!

Chris: I know. I know but just forget it. Ok?

Mike: (grudgingly) I guess so.

(School Bell Rings)

Chris: Well. I guess I'll see you later.

(Both are acting a little uncomfortable at this point) Mike: See ya.

Chris: Bye.

(Chris and Mike leave stage. Lights Fall)

Scene 4

(Chirs is back in his room, lying on top of his bed again staring at the wall thinking. Its dark, and cave-like, but it is not nighttime and the windows have shades covering them and light peaks through the sides of them. Music is blaring. Mike enters. Chris does not notice at first.)

Mike: (shouting over music) CHRIS!

Chris: Oh.. Hi, I didn't hear you come in. What's up?

Mike: Well, I was thinking about what happened today in school.

Chris: I'd rather not talk about it.

Mike: But why not? We've been friends since kindergarten. You can tell me if something is up.

Chris: Look. Your acting just like my Mom. I tell you guys that everything is fine and nobody ever believes me.

Mike: He called you a queer today. What do you say to that?

Chris: (becoming very defensive) What? You think I'm gay?

Mike: Well, you never have had a girlfriend and well, people do talk about you in school.

Chris: Well, to set the record straight, I'm not. (Mike smiles at the pun) Besides, gay people aren't bad any ways. Its just different, that's all

Mike: I dunno, it just seems so nasty what they do. I have nothing against gay people but as long as they don't come on to me I'm ok.

Chris: Oh, so you think your such the stud, that every gay guy is going to want you?

Mike: (laughing) I guess your right. (Changing moods) Well, that's the only reason I came over here. I have to go to work but I'll be home later, would you like to come out and shoot a few hoops?

Chris: Sure.

Mike: Later.

(Mike leaves. The stage becomes dead quiet for a second, and Chris begins to speak to himself again)

Chris: I just don't know anymore. I just don't know what to do. I can't change it. But I just don't want to live with it.

Scene 5

(Lights slowly come up on Chris's room, with nobody there. A knock is heard on his door, then when no one responds, Enter Richard and Judith)

Judith: Well, where do we look?

Richard: Umm. (Walks over to dresser, opens top drawer begins to go thru contents)

Judith: Do you see anything?

Richard: Only clothes. (Looking at Judith) Well, where did you hide the stuff you didn't want your parents to find when you were his age? (He walks over to the closet and opens the door. He removes a jacket and begins to check though the pockets searching for items. He then removes a small pamphlet from one of the pockets and reads the cover) What the hell is this?

Judith: (Walks over and looks at the paper)....(she covers her mouth and she becomes hysterical) You don't suppose he's....

Richard: No son of mine is going to be any homo and living in this house!

Judith: (conservatively) Now, lets not jump to any conclusions....

Richard: Oh come on, isn't it obvious?

(Chris Enters room standing in the doorway. His parents do not see him at first)

Richard:(raging mad) Look. We raised a fucking queer. Maybe it was my fault for not being home enough, or maybe it was you, always getting him to go to plays and all that other crap you like.

Judith: (slightly crying) Don't you dare blame this on me!

Richard: You're right. It was probably his friends. He always wanted to fit in. I bet they all are...

Chris: (very quietly, in a weak ashamed mood) Hello.

(Judith and Richard turn around and see their son)

Richard: (finishing) ...too.

(Chris runs back out the door. Parents leave after him. Lights fall)

Scene 6

(Chris and both his parents immediately begins arguing as soon as the lights come up. They are in the kitchen. Everyone is very tense. The dialogue becomes increasing loud and hostile as the scene progresses)

Judith: Well, why didn't you tell us sooner?

Chris: (trying to prove a point) Because of they way you're acting right now!

Richard: The way we're acting? Your the one who's acting like a fucking fruitcake!

Judith: (scolding and trying to keep things relatively calm, although unsuccessful) Richard!

Richard: Look I'm just telling you like I see it.

Chris: (trying a different approach) But I'm still your son!

Richard: I don't have any gay sons.

Chris: (sarcastically) Well, I'm not about to magically change all of the sudden. I didn't pick this, nor would I have. Why do you think I can choose to become straight?

Judith: Maybe if you had said something sooner we could have gotten you some help.

Chris: So I should have told you when I was 12 years old that I noticed other guys we're attractive? You would have had me institutionalized.

Richard: We might have to yet if you don't come to your senses. Now you have a choice, stop this silly charade or pack your bags and get the fuck out of my house.

Chris: Fine! Fuck you.

(Chris storms outside and leaves)

Judith: (crying) Chris! Wait!

Richard: Oh, don't patronize him Judith. When he realizes there's nowhere for him to go on the streets he'll have to come to his senses and come back. I'm doing this for his own good you know. Remember, we're the parents. We should know what's best for our child.

(Lights fade. Scene Closes)

Scene 7

(Stage is split in two. One side is the outside of Mike's house, and the rest is his living room. Most of the stage is inside. Lights come up. You see Chris running towards the front door and knocks. He is upset. He knocks on the door, and mike enters from a door in the living room, walks across the room and opens the door)

Mike: Chris!

Chris: (seeming to try to hold his emotions back) Hello.

Mike: What's wrong? Come in.

Chris: Well, my parents and I....We just got into this big fight.

Mike: What happened? What started it?

Chris: Well, they found out something about me that I didn't want them to know.

Mike: Well, what do you mean by that.

Chris: Well..Umm..(crying)..They found out that...(stuttering)..Umm...I'm...Gay.

Mike: (dumbfounded) What? But I thought...The other day you said.

Chris: I know. I didn't want you to find out cause I thought that you would stop being friends with me. But now it doesn't matter. I've gotta run.

Mike: Wait, Where are you going ?

Chris: I don't know, but I'm going somewhere. I'm getting out of here. I'm getting out. (He walks towards the door.) Good bye Mike.

Mike: Take care of yourself.

Chris: (Walks towards the door and leaves. Mike looks at the door as he it closes. In a timid, quiet scared voice) Bye. (He pauses a second. Turns around and slowly walks out of the room)

Scene 8

(The stage is now set as to being in the woods. There are some trees as well as a few rocks)

Chris: (walking slowly and coming to stop. He sits down on a rock and talks to himself he is terribly distraught.) What can I do? (Looks down at the ground and puts his head in his hands) Everybody hates me. The world hates me. (crying). Life isn't for me. I'm not allowed to live like I want to. Why? (He reaches down to his bag and removes his knife) I can't go home. My friends would hate me if I told them. I'm a freak. I'm an abnormal disgusting bastard. Thats what they'd say. (He takes out a pen and a small pad and begins to write. He narrates as he reads)

(The following must be read with a high amount of emotion)

I'm sorry for being myself. (still upset. Still crying, he pauses). There's nothing I can do. I have let you all down. Mom and Dad, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't be the son you always wanted. If I continued, I would only be more of a let down. I will never have the typical stuff you wanted, like a wife, a son, a daughter and house with a white picket fence. Dad, you said to stop playing in this charade, and..Well, I'll do just that. Goodbye. I'm sorry. Take care. Say goodbye to Mike.

(He takes the knife looks at it. Brings it to his wrists. He starts to make the action of slitting his wrists. Just before the blade reaches his wrist, lights fall. Scene closes)

Scene 9

(The scene has now moved back to the living room of Chris's house. Both parents are sitting in the living room. His mom is watching TV, while his dad is reading the newspaper.)

(You hear knock on door, Chris's mom gets up to answer it. When she opens the door, a police man is there)

Policeman: (solemnly) Hello ma'am. Are you Chris's Parents?

Judith: Oh NO! (Screaming) What happened? What happened to my Chris?

Policeman: I think I better come inside so we can talk.

(They walk inside. Judith is upset, as if she already knows what the policeman is about to tell her. Richard looks up from his newspaper and becomes visibly concerned by his presence).

Police: Please sit down. This is very hard. Something happened last night. Your son. Your son slit his wrists last night in the woods over by North Street. He died before anyone found him.

Judith: (Screaming out Crying) NO! No! No! (Throwing herself around the room in a rage) But he was only 16. He...He was only 16. No! Why Chris.

(Richard becomes like wife, except trying to be more conservative. He rushes to his wife and holds her tight).

Richard: Honey..Honey.

Judith: Get off me. Your the one to blame. Your the one who through him out.

Richard: What? I was only..

Policeman: Please, try not to blame people. You both need a lot of time and this is very traumatic for any.....

Judith: (interrupting and now hostile) I know what you were doing. And now he's dead. He's Gone. I'm not getting him back. You are a heartless selfish man. I should not have let you done this.

Richard: (Defensively) : This is not our fault. We did what we had to do. Nothing could have been done. (He tries to comfort her again)

Judith: NO!!

(She runs out of the house)

Policeman: (to Richard) I'm sorry for your lost. I understand if you don't want to talk right now, but if you have any clue why he might have done this. Something seems to have happened?

Richard: (crying) We just had an argument. That's all. About, ya know, teenage stuff. girlfriends, homework. Then he ran out of the house and we never saw him again. That's all I can think of right...

(Judith Enters with a gun. The policemen's back is turned. She fires one shot at Richard. Lights fall. You hear a scream)

Scene 10

(The Entire stage is empty. The two main characters, Richard, and Chris are all on stage, each within there own spotlight. They are on opposite sides of the stage. The back of the stage is set to be Mike's living room but it is not visible.)

Richard: Oh God. How could I have treated him like that? He was my own son?

Chris: Why. Why did this all have to happen? I didn't want to upset everything and everybody.

Richard: Maybe. Just maybe. If I had

Chris: (finishing Richard's sentence) Just kept it a secret. I would have never been happy, but I would have made everyone else happy. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Please my parents?

Richard: And to think that this happens every day. Someone new. This is a terrible way to treat any human being. He really was ok. All he wanted was to be happy.

(All Leave. Stage lights come up behind them)

(Mike's parents are sitting in the room together, both watching television. Mike enters)

Mike: Mom. Dad. I have something to tell you.

(Lights fall. Scene Ends. Curtain Closes)

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