September 1997

Hey, my name is Alex, and I take it that I am supposed to talk a little about myself. Well I am 17, a junior in high school and oh yeah, I am gay. What do I like to do?? Well, I like to read, write, listen to music: Pink Floyd, Phish, Hanson, Primus, Soul Coughing. I also love to act, I have been in seven or eight plays both on and off stage, but I am starting to like being on stage more than off stage. I have also lived in several states and in the UK. Let's see, I am out to a few friends and they are all my dearest friends, and I know that I can trust them with anything at all. . oh yeah, my parents know.

That is what I want to talk about, my parents knowing. . . I know that some of you are going to say " yeah, big deal, his parents know" . . . well let me put it this way. . . I didn't tell them! Now do you want to know how did they find out? OK, so I have a computer. . . and it is in my room. And being that I like to write, I write everything on my computer. . . and I mean EVERYTHING!!!!

They read my files, that said I was gay, who I had told, and also that I had been sexually abused when I was in boarding school in England. And when they told me all of this, I just sat there. Staring. Into space. I was more stunned that they had gone into my computer than they had found out that I am gay.

So they told me that I had to go to a shrink to "sort out my feelings and thoughts" Well, I can tell you that even though I was abused, it didn't make a very big impact on my life. I don't even think of it as a bad experience. There was no pain in it at all. . so I said "OK, fine I'll go" and I went. I think that shrinks are OK, but I went just to make them happy, and I could talk to the shrink and get anything off of my shoulders.

So anyway, that is how my parents found out. . . and that isn't it. . . after reading everything, knowing that I had a boyfriend in boarding school, my mom still says to me "So, did you tell (lets call him Andy) Andy that you THINK you are gay" and I just walked away. Normally, I would say yes or no, if I had told that person. . . but my dad seems to understand that I know I am gay, which surprises me because he seems to be the person that wouldn't understand it right away. . . . so that is me and my life right now.

My email address is Alex8069@aol.com



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