Brian II

September 1997

Hey there everyone. Did you guys have a good summer? I sure did (it could have been longer). Well as you guys know I went to Illinois, learned to rollerblade, went on a rafting trip, and just had a great time.

School is here!!

Well that is a good thing and a bad thing. I am glad I am going to be able to see my friends again and have something to do now that I am back home. I am now a junior. Only one more year to go! Well I changed most of my classes, six of the eight I have. So now that I have picked mostly advanced classes I will probably lose my mind around November. I changed one of my classes to Basketball but after not being able to walk the past two days I changed that one again. I have decided that I am more of a rollerblader then a runner. I don't plan on running anywhere unless someone is chasing me with a knife or something like that. Well, anyway, I was glad to see all my friends again. Some of then have changed a little but no one has gone all out and changed everything about them (yet). I am still stuck riding the bus in the afternoon (aghh I know). But when I turn 16 in the end of September that will be the end of that. Oh yeah, I finally got my class ring. It is cool (I think it is). I am planing on making a few pics of it and sending them to my homepage so you guys can see what it looks like.


Well I am an irc addict. I am on EFnet most of my free time. My nickname is PK (no it does not stand for preacher's kid). I have made a lot of cool friends on there, and a few enemies. The other night when I was on #gayteen, I got up and went to get something to drink. When I came back in my room, my mom was in my room looking at the computer screen. She asked me what was going on and I told here that someone must have invited me in there. I told here that when someone invites you into a room it goes there. I think she bought it, because she hasn't said anything about it yet and it has been a few weeks since it happened. So if you go to #gayteen and you decided to go somewhere minimize the screen!

Stuff I have to set Straight.

#1 O.K. in Troy's last column he was talking about the places to go in Jonesboro. He is right there is nothing to do there either. He said that most of the people there get their kicks from getting drunk and cruising the streets. Well, Troy, that is the same thing most of the people around here do. Except they like to throw in getting stoned. Oh yeah, there are two Wal-Marts in Jonesboro and they are going to build another one.

#2 No, I am not out. Some people have wrote me and asked if I was. So I thought I would not mislead anyone to thinking I am. So let me just say again that I am not OUT.

#3 Yes I bought knee, wrist, and elbow, pads when I got my rollerblades. I put them on once and decided that I looked stupid in them so I never wore them again. If I ever decided to go down any big hill again, I will be sure to have the knee pads on.

Well guys that about does it for this month. Maybe the next will be more exciting (yeah and maybe I will win a lot of money). Anyway If you guys want to see my homepage is at http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Sands/4958 and my e-mail is Briguy_69@hotmail.com. So until we meet again. LATER!

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