September 1997


I just got off the phone...

Who was I talking to? Well... Someone I've only ever heard of before. (oh, this sounds so dramatic)... Anyway... I'm sure some of you remember me talking about the other young lives 2 conference back in October?! This is going way back to some of my first columns, but I'm digressing... I was supposed to meet up with a friend of my then (and still current) Internet provider. He was 17... (I was still 16), and into film. He was showcasing a film of his at the conference... Again, I'm digressing. So we were supposed to meet up, and I was looking forward to it (and apparently he was too), but things worked out that I wasn't able to go, nor was I able to meet up with him. So I thought that was the last I'd hear of him...

Until today. We talked for an hour or two I think... It was interesting, he's interesting... And we're supposed to get together this weekend coming, or else sometime during the week. I wish I had more to say on the subject but I'm still kind of numb, uncertain about how I feel towards him... Which isn't to say that I'm in love, or in anything resembling love.

My mother is playing her third game of solitaire, on the laptop, beside me. Her mouse clicks are driving me insane. I've already asked her to leave twice... But see seems to think she can't move the laptop from the floor... I don't get it. There... I've turned up the music to over-ride her clicks. No... Wait I can still hear them. This is becoming an Edgar Allen Poe story... The tell-tale mouse.

I give up.

She says she's leaving now. So I'll continue.

I promised you all that I'd write about the time between my last column and last month's column... So I'll briefly touch on all of that now.

I've entered the whole clubbing scene, I go out with friends all the time, hell... We're even regulars at one club (we're on first name basis with the bouncer, and the DJ), and most of us are underage... Talk about a coup?

I've managed to pass grade 11... And I'm almost finished summer vacation... But I think that's getting a little bit ahead of myself here.

I did Pride 97 in Toronto, it was so much fun. And subsequently I'll never have a better pride... Since future ones will have to surpass my preconceived notions of what they should be. But I'm sure I'll live. I'm on the pride video... Doing some strange explosion like thing with my hands, and I'm on numerous rolls of film and camcorders from dancing on the platform of one of the local bars (which is normally really scary and cruisy), we made it glamorous for awhile.

And there were a whole series of notable happenings that would normally find their way into my column, but have (presently) slipped my mind.

But, back to the present.

Gayday at Canada's Wonderland just passed this month. I had a great time. For me it's more about people watching and joking around with friends, rather then just going on rides. I hate rides. So we walked around for awhile (I had bought cool new shoes the day before), and then went to the big dance party that was held later in the day.

So there I was... Dancing with friends at the party... The music was kind of beat, but other then that it was OK, I guess. So I'm dancing... And one by one my friend's all get paired off with people... With the exception of me. As usual. Sad, isn't it?

So I'm not altogether bitter. One of the people dancing was Dan (not the same Dan from the Chris and Dan fiasco, I know too many Dans). I find Dan singularly unattractive and annoying. He managed to get 'tangled' up with some guy named Tyler... Yeah, OK big deal... Both Tyler and Dan are beat. But what pissed me off is that they took up my dancing room by making out with one another (if you can call Dan caressing Tyler with the backs of his hands? Caressing)... They had me laughing my ass off.

Oh, this is so muddled. OK, anyway, Dan is more a friend of mine than anyone else's (which is upsetting for me). This was the first time they'd ever met him, but that's OK. I was hoping we wouldn't meet up with him... Since he's a 'friend' junkie... I knew he'd end up hanging around us... And the last thing I needed that day was for Dan (who sighs everything to be near us) "I just got a *sigh* job at thrifty's"... Drives me up the wall. So on our way around I saw him... He saw me... He moved towards me... And for some reason... Without skipping a beat or missing a step, I said "Fancy meeting you here"... And kept walking... Ahead... Passed him... Without him. I'm usually very diplomatic... I just had no desire to stop walking. Goodbye, Dan.

So here we are at the dance... And somehow the little heat-bat finds us and uses his sonar to stay with us. Two of my best friends thought he was great. *groan* he danced his little cracked-up bunny hop dance that the try-hards do... And for the most part I ignored him. Then later on he got together with Tyler... And disappeared to have sex in the upper portion of the seating at Kingswood (in Canada's Wonderland). I thought he was being entirely boysluttish. He thought it was the natural progression... (And people wonder why I hate him). So now he's invited to this party that I have to go to on Wednesday... And I have no desire to see him, or his equally beat boyfriend. So I'm debating not going... I really should attend... But I know he'll latch on to me the entire night and suck away at my will to live. The night will end in me choosing the lesser of two evils... Leaving early, or homicide. I hope I choose the former.

Other than that, I've been good. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

I'm suffering through the cold from hell this week, it's in my throat again... Hopefully I can talk tomorrow... Otherwise I'll be sad.

I think this is all over and done with. This month's column is pretty bad. Btw, I am 17. Not 16. I hope they've changed that profile by now.

So... Signing out from mission control. Broadcasting on frequency 10.

Ohohoh! Your contest for this month (only one person at this time got last month's). This time it's slightly different... I want you to give me the missing word in this song, as well as the artist and song title:

Your flirt finds me out / teases the crack in me / smittens me with hope.

Possibly maybe, probably [___________]

As much as I definitely enjoy solitude / I wouldn't mind perhaps / spending a little time with you / sometimes / sometimes.

Possibly maybe, probably [___________]

There's a lot more to the lyrics of that song... But those are my two favorite lines right now :)

So, goodbye for another month ladies and gentlemen... I hope your month will be as interesting as I'm hoping mine will be.


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