September 1997

"All I Ask Is Acceptance"

Dear Fellow Oasis Readers,

This is my first submission to Oasis, and in it I want to address an issue, that I feel we all go through at some time or another. You may ask why I am writing this to you, and not to my parents, but I feel this may be a means of conveying our ideas and wants to the people we love most.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hoped in a way that I wouldn't have to do this, but instead, in some magical way, you two would just know my biggest secret. I love you both, more than words can ever say, but until now I felt I was cheating you out of some higher right that parents must know everything about their children. However, despite what you might think, I believe there is something about me that you don't know.

I am not sure how you will take what I am about to tell you. You might scream, you might gasp, you might cry, or you may be silenced -- no one can predict what will happen. But, all I will ask of you is acceptance. The word is small, but it means so much to me. You have always taught me to drop any judgments of people, and to find out what they are like for myself. It hasn't always been easy to go against the flow and enter into the "un" popular crowd to say hello to someone or to have a conversation. But in many instances, the outcomes of wonderful friendships have been most rewarding. I now ask that you drop all your possible prejudices and from the beginning accept me and learn who I really am.

Now, I will introduce myself.

I am Elizabeth, your daughter. I am turning 15 on December 12th. I love to play volleyball and throw the shot put and the discus. I also love to act and see performances of live theater. Singing is also another love of mine, especially in church where I sing to the glory of God. Oh, and by the way, I'm gay.

"My daughter is gay!" Yes, I am. So, do you understand what this is all about? Okay, so your still in shock... No, you've fallen to the floor, a heart attack, a heart attack! Look, I had to lighten it up somehow. Oh, good everyone's fine and still alive. Anyway, I think that's good.

Okay, so back to the original point of this... like I said, all I want is you to accept me for who I am. I am not asking you to change your sexual preferences, nor will I change any one else's sexual preference, after all, that's all it is. You did nothing wrong in raising me, in fact I think I turned out mighty fine. And just remember, I am the same person I was five minutes ago, nothing CHANGED, you just found out more about me.

You also probably want to know why I didn't tell you sooner, even if I was sure. Well, I wasn't sure about how you would take it and what you would think, but I am writing this with the hopes you will be very understanding and accepting. The reactions to coming out is one of the things I, and I feel most of my peers, dread, and one of the things that keep us closeted for so long. However, if society as a whole could establish a view that would be at least tolerating us, and acknowledging our existence and right to live, it would cause us much less pain and hurt, and no longer would we be keeping the secret from the people we love most. So, I will say it one last time, "Acceptance is all WE ask." Love us for who we are, and not for who we aren't.

With the Deepest Love,


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