Melissa Gurley

September 1997

Senseless Saluter of Songbirds

Does a bird ever feel guilty about building a nest? What about flying? Singing? Does a fish ever regret swimming? How about a wolf hunting for food? Is a beaver ashamed to build a damn? Maybe a flower feels bad about blooming.

I don't think so. There just seems to be such an innocence about creatures so close to nature. Why is it that all they have to worry about is life? All they need is to follow their instincts and live.

Find shelter, find food, produce offspring -- that's it. Why does that seem so right, and what we have seem so wrong?

Each time I see my friends throw a cigarette butt down and snuff it out on the ground if feel like we are burning Mother Earth. When at work we are told to throw cans, glass bottles, Styrofoam cups and other recyclable into one trash can, it's like we are stealing from all that. She gives us and we are returning what we break. Driving a car, setting a rodent trap, eating a hamburger, buying new clothes when our old ones are in good shape. Why does it seem like I should not just see this as a part of life?

Does She feel bad that people walk on her ground? Does the Earth regret our creation? Or does She blame the pompous "made in God's image" thought pattern that has taken our society over? Does She understand and forgive us centuries of abusing Her?

What about how we treat other members of our own species? Why does a person's race, religion, sexual orientation, and age matter? Why do we think that it is natural to treat other people badly?

How did all this happen? When did we become the hateful society? At what point in history did we gain this fight for our self and fuck everyone else's mentality? What made us begin to see other people as obstacles in our way to success?

Do other people wonder about this? How many others think that something has seriously gown wrong? I know there are a few, but why are they looked at as idiots or revolutionaries or both?

How many other creatures must go through life and wonder why the continue to do things that feel wrong, just to stay ahead? Every day things? Things we all, or most of us, do?

Why does Earth put up with this?

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