September 1997

God... I can't believe I'm starting college already, I remember the days I would look up to the Seniors in my High School and worship them, but now I'm surrounded by all these hunky cute guys at College. Life passes you by without even noticing one day you can be straight and next day you know you're falling in love with a guy.

Life is like a road: it has tons of detours, bumps... etc. etc. It's up to us to find the correct path. Like always, many people betray us or just accept us being gay but say "don't bring up that topic" Thank God I don't have friends like that, even in this male chauvinist Hispanic culture though, since Puerto Rico is more under American influence we can say we have some kind of mixture and the new generation tends to be way more open minded than the others.

Ever since I started my own chat channel in IRC #gaypuertorico and made the webpage for it and everything, I've gotten to know SO many people, my life has taken a 180 degree change towards good. Now I'm going out more and finding gay places that I never had an idea existed, meeting new people etc. etc. and going to my first PFLAG meeting. I'll tell you all about it next month, I feel so proud and happy for all this cause after so many years being unhappy neglecting what I really wanted finally I get a chance to be myself, the person I was hiding so long... "Live your life don't live the life others want you to live" that's my quote. Use it, learn it and live it, It will do you good.

To get you guys to meet me better let's talk a little bit about me... I'm 6'0 green eyes black hair (which I bleached it on June 24... in Wichita, Kansas!) Weird place to bleach your hair hehehe. I had a boyfriend for 3 months but we broke up. It was my first one and I learned a lot about myself, others and relationships. It's not easy having a boyfriend, take my word for it. I'm in my first year of Computer Science looking forward to a great college life. I'm very down to earth and I love to make fun out of things. Enough about me, On this section which I hope you like it I plan on the future to talk about the difference of being gay in USA vs. Puerto Rico / Latin America. In the mean while behave, have fun, pick up your room and always remember to have safe sex. Adios!

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