September 1997

More about my life...Sections one and two. Friction and Seventeen. And other things too.

The first section is called *I wanna be in Seventeen* -- Thanks Gabe.

I do not look like Vanna White. Do you want to know how much I wish I did?

Ever since I was really little. Last year. Because I was short. Short and little are synonyms. I have wanted to be Vanna White. She's glam--hardcore. And I'll bet she has a lot of friends. And I'll bet she did when she was in high school. She is the epitome of leg. And I think I could pull it off. Cripes. My teeth are too big. And my breasts aren't. So maybe I can't be Vanna White. Dream is trampled.

Is this a media-evoked idea? Would I think about this if there wasn't a blond stick-figure selling perfume on the back cover of Allure Magazine? Would I wish for Vanna-dom if I never looked at a Seventeen Magazine? I don't think so.

Seventeen Magazine did a photo shoot at my school. And there's a girl, Theresa (not her name), who really wanted to be in it. So she got her hair cut, and a new dress. And she didn't get in. And she actually *cried*. That's a little sad. Only it's not. She's such a nice girl. The nicest I know. Not really, but I'm trying to make a point. So she's super-sweet. And very pretty. But not enough, I guess. My brother, who is her friend, went and told the SevMag people and told them that she was upset. And they let her in. Page 74, I think.

I have 7 anorexic friends. Enough said.

Section two is a fictitious account about fiction called *Friction*

There once was a fake boy called Tyson. And he had a fake life called Tyson's life. And a fake boyfriend. And some really fake situations. So people got together and said some stuff and decided to write a fictitious story about him. So they did. And it was fake and he was fake and So lying isn't the best way to go. When one gets caught in a world of spun-sugar. When he can't distinguish between his life and his lies. And he has trouble remembering who he told what, because everyone gets a different story. When he has significantly coated every aspect of his life with Vaseline so that the normally matte finish glistens in the light, he is bound to slip on it. And fall. And there is no TV lawyer who covers that case.

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