Keith C.

September 1997

Like A Virgin

Is there a set age for one to lose their virginity? I've been pondering this question for a long while now. I know that you should wait until you are "ready." In addition, your maturity should be at a level where you can handle all of the complications that often arise with experiencing a physical relationship with someone.

Yeah right, whatever.

I know plenty of people that fooled around when they were 17. It didn't seem to hurt them much. Sure, afterwards, they may have not felt that it was the best decision that they could have made at the time. Some felt sadness, some felt pure elation. Most of all, they felt "something."

I haven't felt that "something" yet.

This is not a cry for someone to come over and fuck my brains out or anything. Though I do have flashes of me appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show someday as the oldest living (confessed) virgin. Ah, I can see it now... an audience member will wonder if I actually have any working sexual organs. A proud queen will grab the mic and argue that I haven't fully accepted my sexuality. Oprah will set up a "Deflower Keith" campaign. It'll be like her Book Club, save for the fact that each month, she'll hook Keith up with the hottie of my choice.

It just sometimes seems as if I am the only 22 year-old, red-blooded American male (who also happens to be gay) that hasn't fooled around with someone yet. My dream of being with another man who is as inexperienced as I am is slowly fading away. (So, quick, all you 22 year-old virgins, feel free to e-mail me right away!).

True, most people, gay and straight, tend to "experiment" or "fool around" in junior high and high school. I had none of that.

I've heard true stories of people stealing away with the closeted captain of the school baseball team. I've heard about sordid details of steamy nights with water polo players. I've heard tales of "experimentation" with close friends during sleepovers.

You get the picture.

I suppose I just sort of missed out on all that. I've either (1) got a hell of a lot of catching up to do, or (2) got nothing to worry about, it'll happen when it happens. It'd be convenient to just pick an option, but I'm pretty sure that my future will be a combination of the two.


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