Joshua Naftel

September 1997

Too Kute

I love "XY" magazine. One of my favorite sections is the SEMANtics one because I'm a language fanatic and I think gay slang, which I extra partake of, is truly fab. A couple issues ago, a term was included which aptly describes the boys I most like: double fruit cute -- cute and queeny. Not queeny like mean-queeny, but sweet, precious, and adorable queeny. Boys that have delicate mannerisms, easy smiles, and look like they've just stepped out of heaven for a sec, always set my heart aflutter. Sighs galore.

That's not to say that guys who aren't more masculine aren't attractive in their own right. But that's the thing -- you can't call a buzz-haired, beefy T-wearing hunkyman "cute." Not that that stops me. But the fact that cute guys -- or as I write, kute guys, as they simply redefine the word, baby -- are non-gender-confining is a mega plus in my eyes. It's courageous for a guy not to act like a stereotypical male. Effeminate gay boys -- and even effeminate straight boys -- get harassed and criticized far more than tomboyish girls (not that they certainly don't get their share of shit). Even in the gay community, nelly guys aren't considered as attractive as the buffed out, butch model. When I see a thin, graceful, sweet 'n' sexy boy, I am only further attracted to him because of his courage at being non-gender-confining. Maybe he's just being himself and not realizing how strong he is, but that lithe frame and those silly giggles only amplify his beauty.

Personality is most always bound to play a more important role than looks in determining how attracted you are to someone. And sometimes we ascribe certain physical qualities to certain personal qualities. If you once had a boring boyfriend with scruffy brown hair and aqua green eyes, chances are that that same type won't further appeal to you. Likewise, you may have so built up in your mind the personal strength and self-comfort that come with many kute boys, that you're taken with them upon sight. It's only all the better when you meet them and discover that sweetness and strength can in fact go hand in hand. It's that double fruit kute flavor that doubly satisfies! (*sigh*)

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