September 1997

Hi, this is my first column for Oasis -- what to say? I guess the first thing to do's introduce myself. Here I go:

My name's Paul, from the Southern Californian suburbs, east of LA, the city of San Bernardino to be exact. Born in 1982, guess what that makes me. I'll be a sophomore this fall. Being a freshman sucked, so I'm glad that's over.

In my opinion, Oasis is the best thing I've seen on the Internet for lesbigay and not-sure-yet youth, and I've been reading it since last summer. Without Oasis, my world would definitely be missing something. Thanks a lot all you out there who make this site what it is.

Now I thought I'd contribute -- but why, you ask? Because this place is a bit too pale, color-wise, and it could use a drop of brown sugar.

Yahoo! I'm gay! ...of the homosexual persuasion, as if you haven't guessed (But then I could very well be bi by birth). I've been out since November 11, '96 (I marked that day on my calendar), to Mom my younger brother (13), my gay uncle, and a few close friends.

I'm not the stereotypical kind, and I can't stand femme guys -- especially when they're not gay. They're just annoying. My thought's like this: I like guys, and all the guy stuff that comes with them. So why would I like one who acts like a girl? (No offense, girls) I'm not the pretend-to-be-straight kind either. I will NEVER act as if I'm straight because I won't be who I'm not. I despise macho acting gay guys who try to be what they're not. If someone asks me if I'm gay or not, I'll tell the truth (most of the time) if I know the person.

Who I am is the average 15 y/o you'd pass by any day (but wears one of those cool pride necklaces) kind. I'm a few steps out of the closet, but I don't go proclaiming it to every one I see. Mum's a bit worried about me being out at a Catholic high school. Hmm...

Religion's not really for me, I'll take science anytime, what with all those Christian Coalition and Disney-hating people these days. Islam and Buddhism never looked so tempting, and hey, what about Voodoo? But I'm surrounded by religion. My family's Church of England and Methodist, and my grandfather was a minister. Here I sit, I'm trapped in a paradox.

The black community ignores gay people pretty much altogether. Many of them say it's a 'white thing' and don't believe someone like me can be. I'm sick of it, so I'm standing up and speaking out. Anyhow, I never get along with the "brothers" type (aka anyone on the WB network), I don't fit in there.

Things I like... males, music, and fun. I'm hopelessly infatuated with Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bill Bellamy and Theo on MTV are hunks too. Musicwise, I have one huge CD collection. My favorites are ska and reggae bands, En Vogue, Dishwalla, Fiona Apple, Bush, electronica, and basically anything good. I hate rap (the Fugees are an exception) and country music (all of it). Most rap's so shallow and Country singers have annoying ugly voices. For fun, just about anything goes except senseless violence.

I'm not much into team sports. Rollerhockey's fun though, but I'm not an aggressive person when it comes to sports. Skating, swimming, and those sorts are more for me. And what's really fun are those footbag things. Hackeysacks or whatever you may call them. I'm pretty good at that. Oh, and I was in Tae Kwon Do, so I can kick your ass if you call me "faggot".

I suppose thus ends my introductory column -- I hope it gets in. I'll just have to wait and see. If it does, I'll be back next month and come up with something new: More about nothing, but I'll talk about something relevant that's not me. Oh, and before I close, since everyone seems to be doing it, here's some lyrics to figure out:

"...I can see Mickey Mouse
Sitting on a shrink's couch
Tryin' to cure his hang-up
'Bout screwin' little Minnie Mouse..."

If you know what song that's from, good for you. BTW, a clue's this: the band's 'stellar'. So long, and take a peek at my homepage (http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Heights/2446/) My email's spacemanq@geocities.com. Email what you want- comments, general stuff, what you like or hate. Until next month. So long, and later, all you marvelous people!

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