September 1997

Article I:  Ohio Rocks!

(Or, I had a REALLY good vacation)

***Oh, one quick warning, I'm writing this kind of late at night, so it may be a little weird or hard to follow... don't give up... I'm sure it'll have some point by the time it's finished!***  

Hey everyone!  I just got back from the BEST vacation ever, but as you've probably already figured out, this is my first Oasis article, so I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.  So here goes:

My name is Ryan, and I live about halfway between Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin.  I'm 18 years, 7 months old, and (surprise!) I'm gay.  But I guess we'll just have to keep that between you and me, seeing as I'm still a closet case.  In my 18 years of life, I've lived in 2 countries, 3 states, 8 cities, 11 houses, and attended 5 schools.  I just moved into my own apartment about 2 months ago, and am enjoying it so far.  I lead a pretty boring life so far, as I work 60 hours per week or more.  Things are going to change though....  

Ryan gets a life...or at least tries a little harder...

Lately, I've been suddenly compelled to do a couple of major things in my life:

1) Begin coming out to people

2) Find a boyfriend

3) Find a new apartment

OK, so the first 2 will probably be a little more life-altering than the last, but still... I'm not sure how many of you readers out there are from Wisconsin (and if there are any, please write me and let me know there ARE more besides me!), but I've found that the Cheesehead state is a little too conservative for my personal tastes.  It's incredibly difficult to try and meet anyone without the fear of getting your head bashed in.  So finding a b/f may be a little bit of a challenge.  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

As for coming out to people, it amazes me how homophobic and stereotyping people can be without realizing it.  My family is terrible.  I'm not sure how to start with them.  And I can only imagine the first time I want to bring the aforementioned future boyfriend home.  YIKES!  Can we say 'Hiroshima'?  As for the new apartment, well I grew up in a small town, and don't care much for the city life as I've seen it here.  I need to be close because of my job, but far enough away so that when I step outside I smell cows instead of paper mills.  (Yes, the cows actually smell better!)

Anyway, back to the vacation...

Kingsville...Here I come!

I have not had a vacation in 2 years.  Finally, on August 6th at 7:15 pm, I officially left on vacation for a whole week.  I went with my dad and grandma, and drove all night to visit my family in Ohio.  Doesn't sound real exciting, you may say... but it gave me quite a few things to think about in my life.  First of all, I found out that one of my friends from out there is gay.  I REALLY wanted to dig into my aunt a little more about that one, but that would have been too revealing.  Also, I was told that if I ever did decide to move up there (which I HAD mentioned) -- I would have a place to stay.  So, now I have to decide whether to stay in WI with it's gay-bashing, neo-nazi republicans---or to go to Ohio, where I don't know WHAT to expect.

Anyway, you made it this far -- wow, you must be really bored.  I'm just kidding, thanks for reading the entire thing.  I probably would have stopped after the 3rd line, but I was writing it!  I know it wasn't very intellectually stimulating, or thought provoking, but give me time.  One thing I will admit is that I have an unusual way of looking at things, and I may actually write something to interest you one day.  

Two things before I go....

1) I have a homepage, check it out... I love to see the counter go up, and it will tell you more about me, and help you understand me a little better (maybe!)

http://www.geocities.com /WestHollywood/8655

2) I LOVE email!  I LOVE keypals!  I'm just a really talkative person, so drop me a line...


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