September 1997


"You live your life like it's on rails."

-- Jesus Jones

You know I forgot how much the University was a very busy and great place situated as a looking ground. I guess this means that school begins yet again and I'm nervously anticipating taking classes yet again. In a deep sarcastic singing voice "It's the most wonderful time of the year.." (student loan time). Apart from that niggling complaint....

Hi all and again thank you for dropping by this humble abode. I guess I should start with an honest confession to match Brian II's confession. I too have no gaydar whatsoever (or bidar whichever you want to call it) I don't know if it's just because I didn't start noticing guys until about six months ago, or it was just because my last girlfriend screwed it up (Yeah SURE!! BLAME IT ON HER!!). But it seems all the cute guys I hit on at Diva's are straight. Last time I checked, Diva's was a private gay club, but it seems that it has only become another place where gay couples and straight people seem to make the single ones an almost 10%.

Saskatoon is a coupled gay community, sad but true. And if you're not partnered off, be ready to handle the fight of your life. The most visible part of the community appears to be Diva's, as well as Cafe Browse and GLHS. Otherwise, the rest of the community remains hidden and companionship is even harder to find. GLUS although is a good tool for those University students just coming out, or looking for a good social outlet with other gay, lesbian, bi and trans peoples. Bar the negative experiences, and it's actually a growing experience. It was through a few of these people I met GLHS people which in turn brought me out a lot further in the community. Being bisexual could have been a lot worse of an experience for me. But I know my friends from my enemies in this community and am happy to be in Saskatoon. Well, not entirely. I plan to go back to Regina for just a little bit to explore the gay community there. (Actually, something I've wanted to do since coming out in Saskatoon.)

And speaking of communities, the IRC and internet chat communities have been like a second home to me whether it be on #gay-SK, #gaymontana, #gayedmonton, #gayteen, or #gaycolorado, I have always been warmly welcomed, even when I only dip in for two seconds. I have made many friends on the net, and even though they are too numerous to mention, massive respect goes out to them. Speaking of friends and Regina, my best friend is moving to Edmonton, hence the reason for my aforementioned visit down there. Even though he will only be a couple more hours away from me than in Regina, I will miss him terribly. because we've been through so much together. It's like family moving away...

Stereotypes are so much fun to break down. That's why within the past month I've defied them and now a lot of my gay friends are starting to think. The straight portion of my friends have been ultimately good to me, and supporting me all the way. Those gay friends I have who can't figure it out are now beginning to do so. And that I forever appreciate that.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to look at was a movie called Beautiful Thing. Beautiful Thing arrived here in February of this year. As a writer for the campus paper, I begged and pleaded to do the movie review. This movie did not let me down. It is, in my opinion, the best movie I have ever seen. I was touched , amazed, saddened and made happy again by the romance of Jamie and Ste. Two good looking young men, both in love basically moved me. The movie was one of the deciding factors in me coming out. I'm glad I saw it. And for the first time this past weekend I rented it cause I missed seeing it so much. If anyone directly linked to the Beautiful Thing camp is reading this, send along to the two teen heartthrobs and the rest of the cast and crew that Beautiful Thing made all the difference to me in the world.

And on that happy tear - jerking note. Everyone have a good month. I can be found at donatello@sk.sympatico.ca for those who want to chat. Later...

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