September 1997

Hello, I'd like to give a nice big "fuck you" to Pat Robertson. Why you ask? Well, first of all, that's a dumb question. There's a hell of a lot of reasons to give Pat a "fuck you." But there's one in particular that really pisses me off.

I ran across his show, the 700 Club, on the now Rupert Murdoch-owned "Family Channel" (Rupert Murdoch -- guy who owns Fox, which makes such Christian-oriented shows as "Married With Children", "Martin", and "The X-Files") and Pat Robertson comes on, who we all know is an expert on homosexuality, seeing as he's taken the time to listen to us without judgment. Anyway, Pat makes the comment that "gay" is the wrong word because homosexuals are the most depressed people he's seen. Guess why, Pat? If you said because of your hate-mongering, bingo! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you spread lies about someone, turn their family against them, and give them no hope for the future, they're not going to be the shiny happy people you want them to be. Obviously, Pat Robertson isn't a rocket scientist.

Ever since the first time I saw the 700 Club, Pat Robertson has done nothing but tell me I'm an pervert. His "workings of Christ" (aka, spreading of lies) make Christian America perceive homosexuals as inhuman evil works of Satan out to molest their children and turn them queer. He puts on this "I don't hate anyone" facade, but spreads lies and hateful rumors.

Then, Pat has the audacity to say that all we have to do to become straight is to start liking the opposite sex. Well Patty, it ain't that easy! Trust me. I tried for eight years to like girls, and it only made me depressed and cynical!

Pat Robertson and others of his ilkage have done nothing but spread and feed the disease of homophobia, and what good has it done? Does it make the Christian religion prosper in any way, shape, or form? Do they think God will somehow reward them if they make thousands of queer teens want to die?

What these fools need to focus on is accepting people for what they are, not trying to change them and certainly not spreading vicious lies about them. They need to focus on spreading more love and acceptance among people. Instead they carry on with their bigotry, thinking we will stand by while America's minds are corrupted with this nonsense.

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