Letter from the Editor

September 1997

Another stellar month for Oasis. After a press release announcing our online survey went out, Wired magazine interviewed me and representatives from !OutProud! and the ACLU. And in an upcoming edition of the international radio show This Way Out, I will be featured in a segment on gay youth sites online.

This month features the first cover story I didn't write, which is cool. It's about Dave Pallone, who was a gay umpire in the major leagues. Well, he was a closeted umpire and a gay fire umpire, really. But it's a good read from Christopher Ott, who runs Letters magazine.

More top secret stuff: I need graphic designers, especially if you know Shockwave Flash and follow the whole Dynamic HTML scene. Can't say more yet, but it will be cool when I can.

And again, I can't urge you enough to take the online survey. It's very important to see what your thoughts are on a lot of things. Not only can I use the information to make Oasis better, but every group that deals with gay youth stands to learn from the results. So, go to http://www.oasismag.com/survey/ and get it over with.


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