National Queer Student Coalition elects Oasis columnist to board

During the week of July 21-27 the United States Student Association had its 50th Annual Congress. During this time the National Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Student Coalition met for its 26th Annual Meeting. A lot of exciting and wonderful things have happened with the former NGLBTSC (now NQSC).

A new NQSC Board of Directors was elected, headed by three new Co-Chairs: Oasis writer Brandon Lacy, Warren Wilson College (transferring to UW-Madison); Kim Olpin, Brandeis University; and Patrick Wohjan, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Lacy began writing for Oasis in March, 1996. And, despite, his recent absence, he insists his columns will resume soon.

The National Queer Student Coalition is the oldest national gay and lesbian organization in the United States, outdating the NGLTF by 2 years. NQSC was founded in 1971 and is one of the four affiliates of the United States Student Association. NQSC is a membership organization with over 150 colleges and universities on its membership list.

NQSC sponsors a number of activities during the year, the next being a Queer Grass Roots Organizing Weekend at the University of Pittsburgh. The Queer GROW will be a weekend of workshops that will provide invaluable skills to young queer activists. The skills will be hands on and are proven to be effective. For more information about the GROW and how your college glbt group can attend, please contact Kim Olpin at st942708@pip.cc.brandeis.edu.

Also, NQSC will be having its Board of Directors meeting at the queer GROW at Pitt. It will be an excellent time to see and watch the inner workings of the nations premiere glbt student group.

NQSC will also be attending the Creating Change Conference in San Diego, CA. NQSC is in partnership with NGLTF and has much information about the conference. NGLTF is offering scholarships for the conference to students. If you would like a scholarship form please email me at nqsc@hotmail.com.

Further NQSC has a newsletter that is currently in production. If you or your organization would like a copy of the newsletter please email Kim Elderbrook at rfelder@facstaff.wisc.edu.

For more information on the National Queer Student Coalition email NQSC@hotmail.com or contact Brandon Lacy (wblacy@rocketmail.com), Patrick Wojahn (plwojahn@students.wisc.edu), or Kim Olpin (st942708@pip.cc.brandeis.edu).

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