Four poems by Erwin Jaeger

Prayers Before Midnight

If I should Die before I wake
I pray to God
If I shall fall before I sleep
I pray to stand

Dream of a white Christmas eve that never stood a chance in hell of coming true. Whose sole purpose is to taunt me and tease me, continually reminding me that the family's united structure shall never hold as it once did to the solid mortar foundation on which it was founded - found instead is the world of our lives - Don't ask don't tell. Faceless prisoners of the mortal coil of pollution that serves us to the last bite. As pride is foolish and silly... Its what adults with time off emulate. Why feel pride yea. Abomination. Aren't allowed - Shame faced, doubting, never was, traitors of family values we drift in space - away from the centre of the universe free to create our own. . .If only they'd let us. Amen

Dreams from The Otherside
or Trimark Centennial

Half ass married to a world of confusion
where feelings of hate just add to profusion
The smell of the rain her breast, & his cock
My mind is awash he's hard as rock
Her face it shines her lips are dry
I'm happy as hell They smile.. I cry
My goddess played a trick on me
She gave me bliss I could not see
Their loving bods now comfort me
In pure and total ecstasy

Blood sweat formed tears

Draconian never-was shame faced loser set on the world to fuck straight women and remember there insides as well as their exteriors.
My mission is clear, My morals in question
My hands on her thigh she takes my suggestion
The small of her back, her breasts & her face
Her hands on my sides Her hips set the pace
& as we engage in loving embrace
I think to myself.... What was her friends name
Now He was cute!

Feeding the Hungers

Robbed yet winning
Pure yet sinning
total moral bankruptcy
I love bisexuality
Penis? Cunt? Back or front
Both holes do (so call to me)appeal to me
I love bisexuality
Eyes & ears
beards & tits
who says loving is the pits?
Inner peace is all I see
I love my sexuality
The world is out in front of me

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