(A Sestina of Sacraments)

By Joshua Weiss

I am alive. I sit outside and love
the flowers' smell. I ask Mum about fate,
but she tells me that I'm a silly boy,
and that I should get some sleep; I should rest
before the plane takes us over the sea.
And even though I don't like it, I dream.

I see things-see the future when I dream.
I can see the world, and the lack of love
chills me, a feeling colder than the sea.
I'm scared-scared of my eventual fate.
I fear I will achieve eternal rest
at the hands of another little boy... I'm here.

On this island. With these young boys.
We're all alone, and I'm afraid to dream
here, so I try to avoid the night's rest.
I miss my mother's compassion and love.
This place is wicked. It whispers my fate
to me, and a beast steps out from the sea.

There is no escape. All around, the sea
seems to close in on me, a lonely boy.
I shield my ears from the screams of my fate.
The boys talk of a beast, but as I dream
I know the truth. I give them all my love
but they reject me... Night enforces rest...

I walk to my clearing while the boys rest
and revel in the cool breeze from the sea.
I realize now why they reject love.
The head, like Mum, calls me a silly boy.
The Beast is real. I am not in a dream.
I run downhill to meet, head-on, my fate.

One cannot deny one's own horrid fate.
I tried to warn them before they could rest,
but they struck me down, as if in a dream.
And now, as my body drifts out to sea,
I ascend to Arcadia, a boy
forever changed by his rejected love.

He was just a boy. A boy whose one dream
was merely to love. But it was his fate
to be shunned, to rest beneath the dark sea.

©1997 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.