Another Scene From The Mirror

By Jason Lyons

Floating absent mindlessly in the hot spring water, I stare at the green glittering stars above. With their deep purple backdrop of sky, and the steam from the waters around me, a beautiful real life portrait is painted by the Earth Mother of this Other World. Sweat trickles slowly from my forehead, the oils from my body mixing with the fragrant misty blue water. I realize I am floating near the pools' bank, when I feel the heat emanating from the smooth flat stones surrounding its' shore. Rolling over, I dive below, watching the moons light dance across the silvery and orange sand on the pools' bottom. It looks as thought the pool is merely four or five feet deep, but I know it's nearly twelve.

Towards the shallower end, where the waters are five, maybe four feet deep, I can make out the body outline of otter like creatures playing with bright red stones. They disregard me as if my existence is of no importance to them. My lungs beckoning for fuel, I slowly swim towards the top of the water, gently breaking its surface. The night air is pleasantly cool against my bare skin, bringing goose bumps to its surface. I can hear the birds of twilight singing their merry tunes as fiery pink glowing bugs fly in their own tribal dance to their feathered friends enchanting beat. I realize then that someone besides myself and the otters is in the water.

I feel you behind me, your naked body brushing against me as your arms wrap around me. Any tension that was not relieved by the water is now pulled from me by your comforting presence. Your cool moist breath sends a shiver down my spine. Turning in your embrace, I now face you and our lips come together in passionate desire. I feel at this moment that we are one, an enchanting bliss overwhelming every sensory node in my body. Our lips part, yet you hold me as I lay my head against your shoulder. The rhythmic beating of your heart charms my soul and for several moments I feel as if we have always been one. Your heart and mine, one and the same. It is this moment I wish to never end.

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