October 1997

Why is it that people who are queer, for lack of better term, must "come out of the closet" ? Why isn't it that people who are straight must? Why does everyone always assume your straight... rather then something else? Personally, I think it would be best, if you had to assume anything that is, if people assumed everyone was bi. No coming out of the closet with that! You could freely say.. "hey, I'm gay" or "hey, I'm straight" or even "hey, what the hell .. I'm bi!", and not have to worry about what others' reactions would be!

I am a bisexual teenager. I am out to most of my online friends, and a few friends IRL.. and to my mother. She's OK with the fact that I am bi.. although she doesn't believe it. Why, though? Because it can never be "your kid" that's gay or bi or anything other than "normal." But what is normal? Normal should be what you feel it needs to be.. not what society decides.

It's because of society that people who are in any way different feel bad about themselves. And I don't just mean queer people.. I mean all people. In the 50's if you were black you were bad... but in the 70's if you were black you were one "hip cat." If you were smart at one time, that was even shunned upon... heck everyone thought Einstein was retarded! If your fat, you're not normal.. if you're short you're not normal.. if you're tall you're not normal... if you're anything other then what the "popular" person of the time is... you're not normal! But why?

Why can't people just take others for who and what they are? It would be so great to be able to walk outside today or tomorrow and scream out to everyone "I'm Bisexual.. and I'm proud of it!!" without having the fear of being rejected by my peers. But will that happen? Nope, not in today's society. Don't fear though, my fellow "abnormal peers", there is hope. Young children of today... are the future of tomorrow.. and they aren't growing up, in as mass quantities as before, learning to hate all others who are different!

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