Shaun Hutchinson

October 1997

If there's one single person out there that follows my column, then you (who ever you are) know that I've been searching for some theme to write my column about. I was thinking for a while that I could write about topics that bothered me, then I started just telling stories. I think I like that the best, so I'm just going to continue telling stories about the fun things that go on in my life. So here goes: It's Story Time!

I have to admit that I'm almost twenty, and I was 18 when I came out of the closet. I'd dated girls, and fooled around, so I can't say that I've never had any experience. However, my experience with guys has been completely lacking. Again, that one person who actually reads my column on a regular basis will know that I actually just dated my first guy a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I had to stop seeing him (I called him Tigger) because he lived two hours away from me, and I tend to be slightly possessive. I want to know that he's there whenever I want to see him.

So one Friday night, last week (meaning the 29th of August) this really cute guy comes into the sunglass store where I work. He bought a little kit that has spray and such in it, to clean your sunglasses. I was helping other customers, otherwise I would have tried to talk to him. So he left, and then about ten minutes later, he came back. It turns out he was going to Zen (a rave/party in Florida) and he realized he couldn't afford the little kit. I didn't mind, so I gave him back his money, and I'll be damned if the same customers weren't still in the store. He left again, and I was terribly upset, because my gaydar was blasting like mad. Just in the way he smiled and looked at me, I could tell.

About twenty minutes later, I was talking to this fifty year old man who was trying to get me to be his personal......whatever by bribing me with money and a car. I was completely mortified because he was old enough to be my father, and he was trying to get me to watch his house for him. I can just see him coming back and telling me, "I saw some videos of you...ahem, a video." I just pictured cameras in the shower and such. Anyway, it was just plain evil. But the young guy came back in for the third time. This time however, he hands me a folded napkin and leaves.

You guessed it boys and girls, it had his phone number on it, asking me to call him. I was so psyched. So anyway, he went to Zen that weekend, and when he came back we started talking on the phone, and he (I'll call him......David) is just the sweetest guy.

We went out last night (That would be Sept. 4th. ) and I had so much fun. As he's the second guy I've dated, it's like Tigger and David are total polar opposites. David has his nose pierced on both sides, both his ears done, under his lip, he has three tattoos, etc..... He's not what you might expect though. He's really kind and so sweet, not to mention sincerely cute.

I don't know. To keep some sense of sanity I won't describe our first date, but he's so much fun. It's seems like I'm starting to find all those things in my life that I felt that I missed in high school. I'll give you an example. I've got four huge hickeys on my neck. Now, I always tried to avoid that kind of thing when I was dating girls, because it just didn't seem like any fun. Now I realize I should have used concealer or something, but I got home at three that morning, and had to get up for class at six, so I didn't even see these monsters until I was at school.

Well, I had to go to work right after class, so I didn't get a chance to cover them up. I was made fun of the entire day. "Did you get attacked by a Hoover, blah, blah, blah." I was having fun though. I was a bit embarrassed but still it was cute.

That's my story. I don't know what to think. David's 18 but he dropped out of school when he was 16. He wants to get his GED and go to college. It's just that he's everything that Tigger was not, and vice versa. It's odd, but hell, I'm having fun.

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