October 1997

Hello again fellow readers! I've been so busy now that college started, every day I see a cute guy followed by a cuter one and so on... To make a recap of my last section... I went to P-FLAG but strangely we saw no one there and the place was closed, and later on the week, I found out that the guy who conducted the monthly meetings was sick and died, It was very sad to hear that news. I hope someone picks up the leadership soon. In this October section, I'm going to talk about the difference of being gay today and why we aren't accepted.

The 90's is a new decade mostly for preparation for the new millennia that is just around the corner. A new millennia means new ideas, new people, new traditions, changing cultures etc. -- a time for change and we are changing right now. Back in the earlier decades, homosexuality was a total TABOO for people, especially in Latin America which has grown in the traditional Catholic moral in all the countries Spain colonized back in times of Columbus. And we have been raised in and followed those old traditions and ways of thinking.

Now... here comes the good part... we can say that the world is going through some sort of transformation, people nowadays ask themselves... why? why do I do this? Why do I have to follow the morals of ages ago, Why? And now they are thinking and considering new ideas and making space for change. Change a big word huh? A word that makes many tremble and those who tremble aren't ready for change and new minds. For example, why do you think that many pieces of art weren't worth a dime in their times? Because they were different to what people expected to see, but today time has made changes to benefit those whose art was criticized centuries ago.

That's why we are being slowly but with a firm step accepted into today's society. Just imagine the movie "In & Out" being released back in the 80's It would be criticized by all media and society, but now the gay community has spoken and has said that WE ARE HERE AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. I had a sudden rush of gay freedom... hehehe

Back to the topic... Today's society has slowly adapted to seeing the gay figures like Ellen, In & Out and many other movies and gay characters in programs have helped to eased the gay stereotype that many people have about us. The usual stereotype that many people unfortunately have is the feminine type. And they think we are child molesters and the lowest scum. But as I said before the gay figure in the media has helped ease that image and help the acceptance.

Surprisingly, many companies today offer same sex benefits to its employees and that's another sign of acceptance . I hope our society changes towards the good and start accepting everyone how they are and not of how they look or feel. Remember as people rejected left handers in other centuries and accepted them later, I hope we will be accepted as equals and our community will grow as it has done in the recent decades.

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