October 1997

"...We give our best
we give our all
love is not someplace
that we fall,
it's something that we do."
-- Clint Black, "Something that we do"

It's been a crazy month. Work has been busy, my home life is nuts, and my social life is...well, I'm actually starting to HAVE a social life!

First, at work. Well, I'm finally and officially a full-time employee. I got a raise to $9.75 hour (WOW! I was making $7/hr), and I get the benefits now. I was so excited. I love the people, and the work doesn't really feel like work, it's fun! But it's also been really busy. I've been working about 50 hour weeks, and that could go up to 60 for the next 3 weeks or so. But the money is nice!

Then at home... my parents announced they're moving to Florida. This may not seem too out of the ordinary, but only 2 months ago, they announced they were getting divorced. Now they're not, and moving to Florida. I'm still a little confused. Oh, well, at least I get to go visit them when it's about -20 deg. C here!

And the social life part. Well, I decided that October should be my coming out month. I figured, hey..if my parents freak, they're moving out of state anyway! I'm also going to my first gay dance club. It's in Green Bay, and they have teen nights (16 and up) on Sundays. I just hope there's some people there! I've also decided to ask this one guy out that I've had a crush on for about 3 months. It's driving me nuts. I wouldn't just do this to anyone, but I've been getting this certain...(searching for right word) impression/feeling/vibe from him. Hopefully I'm actually seeing something that's there, and not just something I WISH was there. Guess I'll find out!

Not a whole lot else is new around here. It's getting cold. Winter is on the way. It got down to about +3 (38 deg. F) last night. The high today is only supposed to be about 15 (60 deg F). The leaves are also changing pretty fast. Oh, well, only about 93 shopping days till Christmas! Have you started yet? I know I won't until there's about 2 days left! I'm terrible...

Anyway, thanks for reading, and drop me a note, I love new keypals..


Have a great month!!

-- Ryan

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