Paul Sepuya

October 1997

First off, I must dedicate this column to the late Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. Diana's passing was a such a shock to the whole world. A truly wonderful woman. I must say I got a bit teary-eyed during the funeral. And Mother Teresa was someone who lived a long, wonderful life doing what not many would dare to. Peace be upon them both.

I've done a lot of coming out lately at school. Mind you, this is a school where you can be expelled for "immoral, scandalous, or behavior otherwise contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church." During the past first month of school, I've come out to a five more people! I'm so proud of myself. Now the grand total of friends I've directly told is around 10 or so, and countless others have heard rumors and the bit.

The second week in September was Homecoming Week. No, I didn't go to the cheesy formal Saturday night, but I went to see the JV and Varsity football games, fireworks, and homecoming court parade. Mostly to socialize, partly because the football players look mighty fine in their uniforms. I had a great time with my friends, and made some more along the way. I got a chance to talk for a while with this guy (Guy E) who I really, really like. I hope my gaydar's working, cause I think he's gay. Hmmm...

Here's where it gets complicated: At the first game, I found out from one of my friends (Girl K) that she likes me and Guy R, and she's been bugging me to find out who I like. But I like Guy E, who Girl K2 likes as well. Guy E and I are hitting it off quite well, and Girl K2 doesn't know I like Guy E. Only Guy N and Guy R know I like Guy E, and Girl K2 would be mad if she knew I like Guy E too. And then, I don't know who Guy R likes.

Then Girl AM and Girl K3 ask me if I'm gay because I have both ears pierced and have "good taste in clothes", and they said "people could assume things". I say "Yeah, I'm gay" to Girl AM and Girl K3. Girl K3 thinks it's the coolest thing now. I still haven't told Girl K who I like, because I don't know if she's gay-friendly or not. In the end, I want to go out with Guy E, Girl K wants to go out with me, and I know too many girls who's names begin with K. Sorry if I've confused you.

The only anti-gay reaction I've gotten to coming out is from my former friend Brian, who's turned into a real asshole. So I came out to him right before school, and he seems cool with it, says it doesn't matter. Then, the next week I hear from one of my better friends (Hi Ricky!) that he's been saying that he doesn't believe me, and that I was sexually abused! Now that just did it. It's an insult to me and my family and I won't take any of that from him. I don't know if I'll be able to forgive him for that one, and that's quite serious for me. Even though I may dislike someone, I try to avoid going to the point of holding a grudge.

My advice is that even if someone may not like you simply because of your sexuality (or anything else), even insult or say things about you, treat them even nicer than before. Not to the point where you'll smother 'em, but just be polite, considerate, and just simply say (in a nice way) what you feel about what he's doing. It has worked for me, and it shows that you're just the same old person as you were before you came out. Don't be a bitter little troll, because that'll just make him/her even more anti-gay.

Now a change of direction: About that song quote last month, it's about the controversy over the APA denouncing so-called "conversion" therapies. It's so stupid that should be made illegal -- it's nothing more than mental abuse. However, they won't end the practice, because some people are still pressured by religion and all to "change" to heterosexuality. Yeah. Good one.

The Real World is just about my favorite show on MTV. Kameelah, and Genesis are my favorites. Elka's OK, Jason's cute, I like Montana. But Syrus... he doesn't respect anyone. To get to my point, did you see that episode where Kameelah has that talk with the girl in the after-school program about the gay stuff-- that was cool. Not many straight people would take that position in that kind of situation. I thought that was the greatest. And BTW, I hope everyone saw the series premiere of 413 Hope St. If you missed it, well, then, what can I say? Just thought I should mention that too.

That's it for now. Catch me here next month. Check you local listings for time and station.

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