October 1997

This month, I'd like to tell you a little about myself and what I've been up to lately. No ranting and raving, I promise.

Hay fever hit me like a ton of bricks last week. On top of that, I now have a bad cold, sore throat, cough, sinus headache etc. I don't like taking medicine, I'd rather just let the body take care of it, but I could tell I was losing the battle. So I popped a couple of Sudafeds that I picked up on my way home from work this morning. Then I curled up on the sofa and fell asleep to MTV. I'm feeling a little bit better now.

I'm employed by New York City's Department of Environmental Protection where I work in a sewage treatment plant. It's a much better job than it sounds.

I'm a volunteer at my local fire department. It's a LOT of fun and I get to do something good for the community. We are a 100% volunteer department and answer about 700 calls per year. Most people think that running into a burning building when everyone else is running out is crazy, but I love it! Besides fires, we also run ambulance calls, rescue calls, car accidents and any other emergency that might arise in our area. Anyone interested in volunteering should stop by their local department, a lot of companies have a junior program and those that don't usually accept members who are sixteen or older.

In my spare time, I like to listen to music (all types), DJ, pitifully play piano, write computer programs, ski, hike, go camping, play chess and hang out with friends. If I had more spare time, I'd enjoy mountain biking, rollerblading, woodworking, working out, taking more piano lessons and traveling more.

Recently, I've been making those first steps towards coming out. I went to a gay discussion group several weeks ago. I plan on attending a PFLAG and perhaps some other groups in the near future. Unfortunately, there aren't any resources near where I live so I have to travel about an hour or so to attend meetings in New York City. I know what some of you are saying, "At least there are some groups within traveling distance." Well, I guess you're right, I should consider myself fortunate.

You know, the hardest thing used to be accepting who I was. Now that I've done that, thanks in no small part to some wonderful friends I've talked to from Oasis, the hardest thing is watching what I say in front of others. Numerous times, I have caught myself just as I was about to blurt out something that would have pulled me out of the closet.

Thanks for listening. Please send all comments, questions, and answers to vincentmar@hotmail.com

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