October 1997

Hello and welcome to the third installment of endless blather that makes up my life. Yes, blather is a word. Well, like the majority of the past three months, I'm pissed right now and have decided to use this as my main venting method. And who could I be pissed at THIS month? Why the Christians of course!

Which Christian is He Pissed At This Month?

Well, on the unbounded number of people I have the right, no, the duty to hate, right now a minister tops the list. I'm not going to give out his name because a) I would be alluding to my specific location and b) I'm not out to bring pain on anybody, just their imbecillic ideas. Anyway, he started going off on, of all people, Princess Diana, saying she was "whoring herself out to a man who didn't know Jesus." I had started to tune him out because I was extremely offended and didn't feel like listening to his idiocy, when he somehow made the transition into the evils of homosexuality.

We've all heard the fire and brimstone, Ellen's going to hell, Sodom and Gomorrah shit before, but this asshole starting going, in a very stereotypical gay voice, "Oh pathtor, jutht thtop it!". Of course my fag-hating family was laughing their arses off along with the rest of the Holy homophobes... oh well...

Oh yeah, a short note before I depart. Contrary to what my articles may look like or the amount of rants I go into, I do not hate Christianity or Christian people. If I did that I would be no better than any homophobe that ever lived. I hate ignorance. I hate intolerance. If you can skip past the "you're going to hell" parts in the Bible, it's really a very good piece of literature with many morals and values I believe in. A queer with morals and values?! Dear sweet Jesus!

Also, I noticed we have a straight person amongst us this month! This is something I'm very happy to see and would like to see more of! It takes a lot of courage for someone to stand up for something they believe in like that, especially since it helps him none!

Furthermore, I'd like to thank Jeff for letting this get in so incredibly unbearably sickeningly late. Sorry about the mix-up!

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