Gay Online Service Offers Free Access to College Students

Gay.Net, the gay online community, recently announced that it will offer free accounts to college students anywhere in the world. The service, which is accessible on the World Wide Web, normally costs $9.95 a month and will be offered free for registered college students until the end of 1997 calendar year -- providing access to all content sections, chat groups and an unlimited Gay.Net email account.

"I remember what it was like being gay during college. And while campuses are now more progressive, they still can be very isolating, particularly for students who may not have access to an openly gay community," said Andy Cramer, chief executive officer of Gay.Net. "Gay.Net is a great place for gay students to meet each other in a safe, anonymous online space. So whether you're still exploring your sexual identity or you're spearheading gay issues on campus, Gay.Net can be your place to connect with guys all over the world."

Gay.Net is host to the national gay fraternity, Delta Lambda Phi's, website, and is working in conjunction with them to spread the word about Gay.Net's offer throughout U.S. college campuses.

According to Lou Camera, executive director of Delta Lambda Phi, the Gay.Net offer will open new avenues for college students. "The community sections of Gay.Net are extensive, and will be really helpful, particularly for students who aren't on campuses with a strongly organized gay community. The main benefit is the fact that Gay.Net is a great way for college students to find each other online and discuss relevant issues," said Camera.

More Content Areas

To coincide with the free offer for college students, Gay.Net is adding college-oriented content, including sections devoted to Coming Out, Spring Break Trips, Career, School, Home for the Holidays, Politics, Dating, Movies, Sex, TV and Music.

About Gay.Net

Gay.Net is a comprehensive online gay service bringing together the best of interactive technology, along with the broadest offering of gay content anywhere on the Web. Mixing extensive entertainment with news and community features, Newsweek Magazine called Gay.Net "the most ambitious gay service on the Web. You could spend half the night surfing and only find half of what's there."

Over two years in development, Gay.Net features allow members to chat easily, see photos of each other, view and participate in live broadcasts, Email, launch private chats, and check out who is online. Extensive gay programming runs the spectrum from daily "hosted chats" to Webcasts of important gay events.

Gay.Net also features the news and entertainment content generated by the world wide gay press. With more than 65 U.S. publications, international guidebooks, directories and magazines already online, Gay.Net is the definitive hub for up-to-date gay news.

Gay.Net also features travel content provided by Damron Publications, publishers of the renowned gay travel guides. Extensive gay databases let members search for gay and gay-friendly vacation spots, restaurants and bars.

Gay.Net is an adults-only site, and college students will need to verify that they are 18 or over.

For a Gay.Net preview, visit Gay.Net at http://www.gay.net/college.

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